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**SOLVED** SKY-Q HDCP bluse screen issue on 4k UHD TV

(Topic created on: 08-01-2021 02:24 PM)
First Poster

After many weeks of trying to sort the blue screen HDCP error every time i turned my tv on , i finally found a solution ! , Basically its an error with the SKY -Q Pink ended HDMI cable the SKY supply .


I tried numerous old cables with  no luck ,even borrowed an older Pink cable off a friend who had no issues on his LG TV  , but still issues on mine .I then bit the Bullet and went and Purchased a Sandstrom 8K Gold HMDI from Currys .(my tv is 4k UHD)


Plugged it in . Did the usual of turning tv off , sky box etc , standby , you name it. Perfect each time . No Blue screen or Flashing sky menu trying to Handshake with my TV to recognise the HD Copyright **bleep** . Perfect for the past week now , ive tried everything to make it crash , changed ports, plugged firestick , games consoles in etc. Still no problems .


The strange thing also i found is that i reset the output on SKY Q to 1080 , went to a UHD recording and a message on my Samsung TV came up in the Grey Menu panel saying that picture was automatically being changed to best settings . it flashed then played the UHD recording , low and behold the Sky menu was now set to 2160 .!!!


So my conclusion is ! , the HDMI Cable supplied with SKY - Q is not fit for purpose on some TV`S especially most Samsung 2019 and onwards 4K UHD . 


Get it sorted sky as i dont see why i should spend £40 on a Cable to sort a fault 


The Picture is absolutley amazing , looks like 8k , Rich colours and great contrast . It was that good i had to adjust my colour,  & contrast down from the Previous SKY-Q cable settings


Hope this helps