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So the screens are not as sealed as we thought

(Topic created on: 03-01-2019 05:13 PM)
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The below chat with the Samsung support desk may give a few of you a chuckle


ME --- I have an irritating issue with my Samsung Tele

Welcome to Samsung Support. Please allow me a moment to read through your enquiry.
Hello Michael! I'm Kat, from Samsung Chat Support, I hope you are well.
It would be brilliant if you could give me just of few more details about your enquiry?

ME --- Good thank you The TV is working perfectly, However, Although I thought the LED screen units were sealed at the Samsung factory. A fly has crawled down the screen inside the unit and died in the centre of the picture
ME --- Every program we now watch has a dead fly in the middle of the screen and its very irritating
Thank you so much for that information. Also, I'll just want to capture some details so that I can further assist you with this, is that okay?

ME --- Yes

With regards to your concern, is this the model code of your TV:UE46ES5500?
And are you in front of it now?

ME --- Yes that is the model number

Oh, I see. May I ask what have you done so far?

ME --- besides tapping the glass to try to shake it down, there is nothing we can do

ME --- When it first appeared, we thought it was on the screen and trying to wipe it off just squashed it as it was behind the glass

Because, here's what we can do is to tap around where the insect is located.

I understand and I'm sorry to hear that, Michael.

ME --- We have tried all sorts of tapping and tilting the screen and it will not move. as there appears to be little to zero space between the glass and the LED layer, I fear it is firmy squashed in there

I understand that and the next best course of action is physical inspection, we highly suggest to contact the service centre, may I ask your post code?

ME --- xxxx xxx

Thank you for providing your post code, please bear with me while I search for the nearest service centre on your area.
Rest assured that the service centre mentioned is a registered and authorized Samsung repair shop and they can help you to fix the problem of the TV.