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Smashed Samsung 3D tv AFTER driving me MAD

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My Samsung TV 3d TV drove me mad after the Smart IPTV always stopped working

I called the Samsung TV desk and they told me that the Samsung Smart IPTV is not supported with thirtv as it is a 3rd part app

but the service worked on another Samsung Smart TV that is not Smart TV..


Possiy the problem was caused by the Wifi card but I didnt want to wait and I just ended up smashed it 

and I filmed it on YOUTUBE how much it drove me crazy



Most pointless post ever


@husham  Somewhat reckless even if you were frustrated ,   I will call that New Age Rage!



On the issue of IPTV it is a third party app and seems no support on the newer models.  However been reported that it still works on pre 2018 sets.



Some information on this thread regarding this and similar apps:

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