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SmartThings - keep the mirrored picture horizontal on tne TV

(Topic created on: 24-10-2020 04:27 PM)
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I have:

- Samsung TV 55 Q90T 4K QLED QE55Q90TAT (2020)

- Samsung mobile phone Galaxy A50.

I use my mobile phone for video calls with my children, mainly using WhatsApp, but also Skype. I put the phone in a Joby GripTight GorillaPod Stand.

I now want, for the video calls, to use the TV for picture and sound (camera and microphone still with the mobile phone).

It generally works well. I use the Smartthings app on my mobile phone and mirror my mobile phone to the TV.

But there is a problem:

We are sitting two people on the sofa, therefore the mobile phone is lying (horizontal). But on TV, the picture is still portrait (vertical), and therefore too small. How do I get the picture (with WhatsApp) horizontal also on the TV?

When I try a YouTube movie, there is a small tag in a corner that you can tap for full screen. Then the mirrored image on the TV also becomes horizontal, ie fills the entire TV window. I think it should be possible also with e.g. WhatsApp to keep the mirrored picture horizontal – but how?

Thanks in advance for the reply