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Smart TV firmware update not working

(Topic created on: 07-10-2021 08:14 AM)
First Poster

When I try to update the software through the TV, it states that there isn't an update. It is still using the same software from 2013 from the original factory settings.

So I checked in the online manuals and software and it has a firmware file update from 2020. I downloaded it and then unzipped it to an USB. I tried updating the software through the USB and it says that there's no file to do it. I have ensured to keep the file in the root folder. I have kept it in the file folder how it extracts from the zip file and also taken it out and put it in on the main USB folder. Nothing works!

My TV is garbage. It has been practically dysfunctional since I purchased it and there are barely any good apps on it. I can't even get the NBC app, which I was hoping this update would allow me to get. This was one of the worst purchases of my life. I loved my Vizio and thought this would be an upgrade, but I've regretted it ever since. How can it be this difficult to update basic firmware?!?!?