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Smart TV constantly updating just about every day


I own 3 Samsung Smart TVs - two 40 inch and one 55 inch. There are CONSTANTLY updating, sometimes twice in one day, and when it does, there is nothing that can be done except watch OTA TV. It is CRAZY that it has to update so much. I did not buy these expensive TVs only to be told I cannot use them - updating.  My Vizio NEVER gives me any issues wih constant update notices - I turn it on and it just works, taking me to Amazon and Netflixs, the two places we do go to what TV. How do I turn off updating so I actually use the TV when I want?


Hi I am in the UK and having this problem  the update seems to crash the TV. If I try to use the smart hub it crashes. I have tried updating using USB and latest software but still no difference  There is no way I can see to disable the updates. With 4 kids off school on holiday the house is not a happy one and samsungs name is rapidly becoming dirt. Just give us a clue how to stop this happening. 


Hi @CallyFK1. I reckon the quickest and best way is to get in touch with our AV Support team (0330 726 7864, or by  Live Chat) so that they can help you get this sorted... and hopefully a much happier house for you guys. 


Out of curiosity, which model number TV (and software version, if possible) is this happening on?

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One follow up on the latest update.  Not only did I have to redo all my passwords for my apps on 3 TVs, now the only way to switch apps on my most expensive set is to shut off the TV and relaunch the portal.  If I try to use the return button, it shows the picture in picture of the TV and a black screen.  This is on a TV that was $2,000 four years ago.  Too much investment if Samsung is content to throw customers under the bus like this after 4 years.  If there is anyway to pass that info to the *****s doing updates in the United States, it would be in Samsungs best interest.  However, they've lost my business at this point.  The fact there is NO way to pass this info back to them is sort of telling of how dysfunctional that business unit is.  I'd outsource it at this point.  You couldn't do much worse.

The same has happened to me.
I pulled up the menu, selected the "NetFlix", pressed tools, and did a resinstall.

It no longer locks u p the entire TV, forcing me to unplug it. But the "updating smarthub" still occurs constantly.

The tech on the phone said that it is a fault of Hulu, Netflix, Weather,... or who ever owns the app. They are the ones releasing updates all the time. I'm not sure I believe him.

I don't trust their competence. One guy said "Your DNS is set to xxxx? Set it to yyyy.
The next guy said "Your DNS needs to be set to xxxxx"

This passing the buck is symptomatic of their incompetence. I reported the issue where the apps were all being deleted and the "supervisor" who contacted me was so full of BS. She said that it was because they were old versions of the apps, although she didn't have an answer to why they might be deleted every 15 minutes. 


The reality is that their software QA is abysmal. I have worked in software development for 40 years and I have never, ever come across such a dreadful level of quality. They make changes and immediately push them out without testing. The reason I'm so sure of this is because the flaws are so egregious that it would be impossible to not notice them if they did any testing at all. 


Hey, Panasonic, I'll come out of retirement and set up processes for your dev teams such that these comments go away, and your sales go up and Panasonic Sales, Panasonic devs and customers will be all much happier.


Call me stubborn, but I wasnt going to let this beat me. This worked for me, so might work for you too. Let me know. 

So using the remote put the tv on standby. Then press the following: info, menu, mute, power. Tv should reboot with a menu overlaying the picture. Scroll down using the scroll buttons to "SVC" press ok. 

In the new dialog box scroll down to SVC reset. Press ok, then ok again. 

Tv should now reboot. 

Go through setup and use a wired connection if you can. Once complete, press the Hub button. It should now boot and will likely run an update. Allow it to do so and you should now have a clean Hub. You will need to reinstall your apps as it seems to format the software to clean it out.

Good luck everyone...


Glad to know you've sorted it, CallyFK1 - and thanks for letting the Community know the steps you did for that. :smiling-face::thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:


@bpmurray: Out of curiosity, what software development did you work on? And I'm a bit puzzled about you talking about Panasonic on a Samsung forum.

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Hi AntS - Apologies for calling Samsung Panasonic - I had been playing with a Panasonic camera just before commenting and managed to get the names confused 😞


As for development, I have worked on a large number of different things, unsurprising over such a long time, ranging from hardware-assisted emulation to web clients, IoT and SaaS and everything in between, the last 25 years of which were with a large blue American multinational. And my comments about Samsung's dev process stand: I suspect there are few if any unit tests, no gatekeeper for releases, no manual testers. If you release stuff with the obvious flaws they have, the process is very broken.


@bpmurray : No worries at all. Just thought that maybe you'd somehow wandered into the wrong place or that my eyes were going funny lol. (I've had  peeps sending pics of their Sony TV before, and asking for help in fixing it...)


And interesting. I've passed your comments on to my UK/Ireland colleagues who are more on the engineering/technician side of things at our end. What will come of that, I really can't say though.


What's the model number and software version of your TV? And did the issue get sorted in the end, or is it still happening?

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My TV is relatively old, UE40ES5500K. The issue was that the updated software kept deleting all the apps. If I reinstalled, it just deleted them again. This was very annoying in particular for apps like Netflix that required that I input my username and password each time. I contacted support on the chat feature, and the person I was talking to said she'd forward it to a supervisor. The supervisor got back to me but with the story tht these were old apps that were being removed to be replaced by the new versions - utter BS! Of course, this forum was full of complaints, and eventually an update was released that resolved the problem. But something as egregious as this should never have been released - it would literally only take a minute for someone to identify that something was going wrong.


And don't get me started on the constant updates - sometimes three or four times a day.  All changes should be rolled up and released on a Wednesday, i.e. one, and only one, release a week, with a couple of days before the weekend to respond to any problems customers encounter. That's a simple change, and it would get rid of many of the complaints here.

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