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Smart TV - Ads on the Menu Bar


Surely there must be a way to disable this? If I'd known I'd be getting this I'd have brought a different brand. It's annoying me to the point where I'm serious considering getting rid. Sounds dramatic but it feels invasive. 

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you mean, the ips are hard coded?

block the ips


After a bit of tinkering, I believe I have removed all the ads from my TV.


--I went into the privacy settings area and disabled personalised advertising

--I deleted all 'TV Plus+' channels and then used the 'down direction' and 'remove' button


Obviously this kinda assumes you don't want the TV Plus channels - they are mostly garbage, doing this removed the ads in my menu bar (Sky, Virgin etc.). Basically if it sounds "smarty" or an app you do not use, use your common sense, but you can probably remove them. 


This guy seems to be doing a similar thing to the TV plus channels

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Had the same problem with  Foxtel ad appearing today. I found this solution. It worked for me.

Go to: settings/support/terms & policies/internet based advertisements/untick -to stop internet based advertisements

Good luck.



I did that on day 1. 
wait for it, it’ll come back. 

so now that setting of mine is off but I still get ads


That’s enough to put me off buying a new tv


Samsung products have always put this awful taste in my mouth with bloat ware on cell phones etc. and now this recent discovery of ads on my smart tv... I’m not interested. I buy products for simple reasons (cell phone is phone first) and if the leadership of a company can’t understand that I can’t endorse them. I won’t be looking at Samsung from now on. 

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I shouldn't need to set up a PiHole to enjoy my expensive television without extra bulls**t.

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