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Smart remote voice control not working


Uhd55 tv, voice command when pressed says, we're having trouble connecting, make sure your online or try later. 

Firmware up to date 

signed in to samsung and internet connection fine. ???


@DaveMe wrote:

Everyone's getting upset because VR is not working. "Sending my TV back to Amazon" hahaha.

VR is a gimmick that currently is not working 100%. So what? I didn't buy the set for the VR and after all they gave you two remote controls. Use the other one :smiling-face:

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Two remotes? hahaha  ..  What are you talking about?  There arent two remotes.  Its more about the principle of the thing.  Sell a product that works or at least works for a year then breaks like everything else.  I just bought a new car and the passenger door won’t open.  So what, just use the other door.   Sure, its doable but a total pain.  That would be ok for a simpleton :winking-face:


How was this resolved, this happens all the time on my week old TV. Clearly the issue has never been completly fixed.

dont work

It seems intermittent. After a week or so not working it then just resolved itself and started working again. Now its not working again for the 3rd time since buying the TV (not long ago), giving no error message - but it keeps "polling" after speaking a command as though trying to find the phrase but struggling to do so.

I have same issue and had several remote assists ending up resetting tv twice to factory, smart hub reset, new Batteries for voice remote, factory reset and repaired. Of course with all resets you need to set it all back up again. Still not working. I am supposed to be getting a new remote but after reading all the chats regarding same issue I’d say Samsung better take a closer look at things.

Same ***** Voice command not working 1 day old TV....Samsung needs to fix this issue.

You are absolutely correct. Samsung needs to read some of these chats in the community forums. They are dropping the ball on this isssue for sure
Wouldn’t be so much of a problem if there were buttons on remote to change channels. OR a back up remote WITH number buttons.
Exactly my issue. Samsung dropping the ball on this issue


voice control back on line

must have been the server

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