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Smart Remote Not Working - It Can Only Turn TV on/off (NU7400)

(Topic created on: 06-04-2022 09:00 AM)
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I have bought this TV in April 2019 from Amazon and today the smart remote stopped working. It only turns the TV on/off, but the rest is not working. When I press any buttons (except for the ON/OFF), the red light starts blinking (2 fast blink pattern) for a few seconds and then it stops.
Model code: UE55NU7400UXZG
Version No: 01 / UNU7400
Smart Control model code: BN59-01298D
Things I have tried so far: 
  • New batteries
  • Remove batteries for more than 30 seconds while pressing power and other buttons. 
  • Turned the TV off for more than 5 minutes
  • Re-pair process (holding the back and play/pause button for a few seconds until the "bluetooth connection" appears on tv)
  • Re-pair process by holding the buttons for the whole "bluetooth connection" time
  • TV ON, unplug the tv from power, aim remote to TV and press power button for 30 sec, then wait for 30 sec and plug the tv again. TV turns on automatically, but remote is still not working.
I have already checked the IR with my phone and it is showing light when I press all buttons.
Currently, I am using my phone to operate the tv, because luckily it was connected before this problem happened. I also managed to connect my wife's phone as well today, and all functions work, so I think that the problem is on the remote? 

What can I do? 

Best regards,