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Smart Remote, ITV Player & 4 on Demand Isses QE50Q60TAUXXU

(Topic created on: 30-05-2021 07:32 PM)
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Hi everyone,

I currently have a 3 month old (from new) QE50Q60TAUXXU and have a couple of issues!:

ITV Player & 4 On Demand Apps

Recently when I've been running either the 4 On Demand or the ITV Player app, it will get to an ad break, play all the ads, then rather than resume the programme the app cuts off and goes back to normal TV. 7/10 times I can just reload the app and resume (after watching ads again) - is there any fix for this?

I've already done the following:

  • checked my network connection - absolutely fine, connection to TV is fine also
  • signed out/back in to the apps - no difference
  • checked software update - running most recent version
  • checked out app info, no mention of any update needed

I know I can reset the whole TV, but I'd rather see if there's anything else I can do.


Smart Remote

Secondly, I originally used the Smart Remote, but got fed up with it so used the 'normal' one - now it keeps telling me it can't connect to the Smart Remote every time I turn the TV on - is there any way to disconnect it? I don't want to leave it sat in a cupboard with the batteries in just in case they leak.