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Smart hub updating, try again later




I've had the smart hub update problem for 2 days: "smarthub is being updated please try again later". I've seen that lots of people have had the same problem and it's been suggested Samsung are deliberately blocking some customers to force them to buy new TVs. 

Is there a fix, or is it actually a scam by Samsung?


My model is UE32F4500 and my software is 2127. 


Some people have said they fixed the problem by doing something with the physical on/off button on the set, but my model doesn't have a button like that.

Advice please.


Also no effect. 
From the threads it is clear that thousands of people have experienced this problem, many solutions have been suggested, and none of them have worked. I spoke to someone on your chat function who did help, but the next time I switched on the Tv the same problem was back. 
It is clear that Samsung have created an update that is incompatible with some systems. They need to take responsibility. They can either do a new update to fix the problem, or compensate customers, or leave us all out to dry and accept that thousands of people will never buy Samsung again, and advise their friends to avoid the risk too. Can you please tell us which of these options the company is choosing? Not answering is the same as choosing option 3.


Standard operation for a 2013 series model UE32F4500  is that, for the first minute after powering on, the TV temporarily displays “Smart is updating. Please try later”.


Likewise, for some models an initial lack of apps in the main panel is temporary.


If following the above steps isn’t resolving the issue, or causes other problems, it's best to contact the TV Support team directly so they can investigate what's going on in your case and give you appropriate advice. 

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A possible work around that seems OK here.

Go to menu/smart features/open smart hub

Icons then appear bottom left.  Click on an icon e.g. netflix

We then get on Netflix


Sadly that only seems to work for some models. For me, that just brings up the dreaded "Smart hub is being updated" message.


My brother is also facing this issue.


He was advised to switch off for 5 mins etc. 


I have come up with another solution which is basically to stop wasting time with the 'Smart' hub...ironic that it is called that...


Anyways, I will set up a Firestick for him instead so he can completely bypass the need for the smart hub.


But I do hope that you guys do get your result and I completely agree with the person that said avoid Samsung. I personally stick to LG now. I also have Samsung. LG blows Samsung out of the water.

It’s worked THANK YOU 😊

Same problem here all the same symptoms, tried everything suggested so far. Nothing worked. As said just before Christmas! I took a day off work three weeks ago to get internet in ready for Christmas. TV worked initially then update last night and now the Smart Hub fails with constantly saying Smart Hub updating please wait, and I have no apps to select.

Had Panasonic TVs for years including Smart TV two years ago. Strayed away to Samsung and now end up with a whole Christmas Day wasted trying to work out whats going on. Will I buy Samsung again...... I dont think so.


Lets wait and see what Samsung's response is.


Samsung remote support seemed to have fixed it.  Takes a while to get through to the support line though.  They did say I have to wait 3 mins before attempting to open the smarthub after turning on the TV


Samsung support have just fixed it for me. I didnt have to wait long for an on line chat. They had to log on remotely.

As far as I can work out the SmartHub updatye takes a little while to complete and if you use it in the mean time it causes the problem. I'm not sure what the steps are in enough detail to relay them but we had to wait a minimum of 2 minutes for the Smart Hub update to complete before using the Hub also prior to this the engineer went into the factory setup menus to refresh things.

my model is UE40F6670SBXXU

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Hi, after many hours of trying and talking to SAMSUNG customer support (to no avail) I have finally fixed my smart hub update problem( message stating smart hub being updated try again later)

I did a smart hub reset, once reset completed, turn tv off at mains for 2-3 minutes. Turn back on, leave for a minute, press smart hub button then continue the smart hub install, it worked for me, can't tell you the stress this has caused, and all I got off the customer support( whom I might add remotely accessed my tv and didn't fix it) was wait for the next update!!!!
hope this helps anyone 

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