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Smart Hub Sky Most Watched Channels




I have recently purchased the Samsung UE49M6400 and have a Sky HD box connected via HDMI. 


On the smart hub it appears to pull some channels through on the menu above my Sky Logo. The fist says Most Watched which I can remove, and then the rest are various versions of BBC One channels which I have never watched. If I click these channels on the Tizen Smart Hub, it goes to them no problem on the Sky Box. 


My question is where does it pull these channels from, or can these be changed to channels of my choice? I have been through the menu and so far I cannot find a way to do this.


The software is fully updated and I have tried changing the HDMI ports on the TV. I also checked the favourites list on the Sky box itself, but this contains completely different channels. 


Thanks in advance. 


I have the same issue, would very much like to turn most watched feature off as its very very annoying.


I noticed that if you deleted the individual icons they didn’t come back for a while.

probably the best solution you sHould expect for now.

i don’t think TV software is a big focus for Samsung at the moment.


Live had them disappear for up to a day then they come thundering back and change order randomly. Some are his made up channels. I would like to think it's a quick fix.


I have the same issue on my Q9FN and when I delete them, they keep coming back. Not good.


TV: UE50NU7400UXXU  (with latest firmware)


I have exactly the same issue.   Press "Home"; toggle to "SKY":   a "Sky" menu is displayed featuring "Home, Recordings, Most_Watched, and a number of BBC channels 951 onwards.  I can get rid of "Most_Watched".  I have no control over the BBC shortcuts.   Why can I not edit these shortcuts?


Frustrated!   Paul




I just "upgraded" from 55ks7000 to qe55q9fn.. both tizen os..and what a surprise. Instead of a configurable list like you can see in the picture on the 55ks7000... now i have the "most watched" chaotic thing..why samsung screwed up something that was done properly??


Someone from samsung can answer? I am pretty sure is an easy fix if someone is willing to listen!

I am thinking to return the tv for that only sooo annoying when you had the possibility to edit and name your favourites...and now "most watched" . What an upgrade..




I have been frustrated by the same issue on a Q7F. I would like to be able to programme at least the five visible selections to channels of my choice and ideally all the positions 1 to 14.


I've sold the tv for this reason and staying on the ks7000... i am not going to use two remotes for an "upgrade" i spoke a few times with samsung but obviously they don't care at all...shame on them. Also a few videos the sound codec is not supported on the q9fn but it works perfect on ks7000 and ks8000 wtf...

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