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Smart Hub Sky Most Watched Channels




I have recently purchased the Samsung UE49M6400 and have a Sky HD box connected via HDMI. 


On the smart hub it appears to pull some channels through on the menu above my Sky Logo. The fist says Most Watched which I can remove, and then the rest are various versions of BBC One channels which I have never watched. If I click these channels on the Tizen Smart Hub, it goes to them no problem on the Sky Box. 


My question is where does it pull these channels from, or can these be changed to channels of my choice? I have been through the menu and so far I cannot find a way to do this.


The software is fully updated and I have tried changing the HDMI ports on the TV. I also checked the favourites list on the Sky box itself, but this contains completely different channels. 


Thanks in advance. 


"Most Watched" for me appeared between the BBC channels and the "Guide" button. It's a series of random channels but behaves like the BBC one's  (ie undeletable). Can't remember how long they took to start appearing. Initially I had to fight with the tv to acknowledge the sky box.

Mine are just all the regional bbbc channels eg BBC south east, bbc wales etc. Maybe it’s early days and only had tv for 2 days and not really watched much tv, mainly Netflix and Amazon. Will see how it goes. Ta for your help. Let us know if it gets sorted
Tv picked up my sky box no problem. Sounds like it’s different for everyone

I still have the same problem, somehow there is usually 1 programme that might appear, like E4. It also takes the logo, as the BBC do.


I can remove them individually but they are not replace. 


I would like someone to look at this still


How do you remove them individually? 


Highlight the one you want gone. You should see an up or down arrow. Move in that directing and options for it folds out. I can do this on mine but they don't stay gone.


No up and down arrows come on for me. Are you running your tv through sky? 


My bad. The BBC channels won't go away off whatever reason. No arrows. I only check the Most Watched.

Mine hasn’t even got most watched....
Progress.... most watched appeared last night but they are channels 16 and 38... basically nothing! Spoke to Samsung and after sending me the e manual and telling me to check that, they said they would take a note of the issue and add to the next update....
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