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I have recently purchased the Samsung UE49M6400 and have a Sky HD box connected via HDMI. 


On the smart hub it appears to pull some channels through on the menu above my Sky Logo. The fist says Most Watched which I can remove, and then the rest are various versions of BBC One channels which I have never watched. If I click these channels on the Tizen Smart Hub, it goes to them no problem on the Sky Box. 


My question is where does it pull these channels from, or can these be changed to channels of my choice? I have been through the menu and so far I cannot find a way to do this.


The software is fully updated and I have tried changing the HDMI ports on the TV. I also checked the favourites list on the Sky box itself, but this contains completely different channels. 


Thanks in advance. 


Please answer this - it is baffling me too...




How long have you had the TV now?


I purchased mine on Saturday and it does now seem to be adding my actual favourites. The first4/5 channels in the list are ones I watch frequently. The rest are still BBC!


Hopefully they will all change gradually once it learns what I watch. 




I bought my TV about 3 weeks ago. My TV is the QLED, 49Q7F, but dops use the one Connect box.


To my knowledge the software is up to date (I did get another issue after an update but not relevant to this post). 


After  I setup I got all the BBC channels (guessing it is alphabetically listed). My most watched channels have recently updated but not in a way that makes sense. I have two. The first says 1 (with a Blue 1 inside) and the other 3. When I click on either they appear to pass the number (eg. 1) into sky which does not therefore go anywhere as it would need to be 001.


How are you selecting a channel - perhaps we are not doing this as samsung plans. When in Sky I have used the numbers, voice text (which both get to my channel) but don’t seem to be updating our most watched programmes. I too checked sky favorites and this definately bears no impact on what is shown.



Currently mine shows 4 but all have the correct Sky channel assigned to them (eg - Sky Sports News is 409) When I select this it enters the channel through Sky and goes to it correctly. 


As for your 1 and 3, i'm not sure. The 1 with a blue circle sounds like Sky1 but obviously this shouldnt go to channel 001.


I have been using the one remote either through the Sky Channel Guide, and occasional voice search. 


Would be much better if you could configure these manually, or it pulled the info from Sky Favourites.


Hopefully someone here can shed some more light on this feature as I cant see anything about it on the web. 


I want to add my voice to this.  I am experiencing the exact same issue with the Smart Hub and sky, random "Most Watched" channels including single or double digit cannels that resolve to nothing.  On top of that, if I delete a "Most Watched" channel from the hub if comes back, sometimes immediatly, sometimes a day or so later whether I've visited the channel or not!

Experimentally, I reset the external devices, I set up Sky and my Bluray player again.  The TV retained all the info in the other apps.  Initially i thought it had worked as I had no "Most Watched" channels, (apart from the ever present list of BBC ones) but a few hours later all the other "Most Watched" came flooding back in all their randomness, the same channels.

I have also tried going to the same channel repeatedly and leaving it on one channel for hours and that has not constituted a "Most Watched" frankly i am at a bit of a loss as to how it does this.  

I might try creating a new Samsung account later and seeign if that solves the problem.

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Did you ever get this sorted? I have just bought the same TV and exact problems however it does not say "most watched" on mine. Above the Sky icon it says 'guide' which if i select goes straight through to my sky planner, after that is all the BBC1 regional channels and BBC2 at the end. Any help would be appreciated, cheers

No resolution yet. Our Sky box failed and we bought a new one. Initially I thought it must be a Sky issue because the problem was gone but a day later all the old "Most Watched" channels came up again. 


From what I can gather it isn't a Samsung Account issue either as there are no settings I can find on the tv or website to control personalized data of this nature. It is possible however that these settings are backed up here as part of the global backup. It must be contained within the TV itself as a software glitch. 


What I suspect, if you are technically minded is, there are X number of "Most Watched" slots. They fill up initially with BBC (for whatever reason) then the first few channels you watch get added to "Most Watched" as intended. The problem comes when you hit the cap or try to remove channels. I think that although it initially seems to work, when it goes to backup the data, it can create new entries but cannot overwrite or delete old entries. (If it syncs instead of backs up then the fault must be in the matching criteria suggesting the server entries are more recent). 


Whether it syncs or backs up it would then verify the tv settings with the backup and restore server settings where there is a discrepancy.


If this is the case it should be a straight forward fix for Samsung (less time than its taken me to outline the problem as i see it) even if the have to flush our "Most Watched" data which would be fine with me.

Does your say “most watched” anywhere? Mine just had the bbc icons
How long after having the tv did it start filling up with favourites? Had mine 2 days now and hadn’t changed ...
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