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Smart hub is being updated. Please try again later.


Hi my samsung smart tv is suffering form this problem for a month now. Can some tell me how to fix this? 


On/Off button shall be pressed at least for 3 seconds. Probably you TV will be be switched off earlier, but keep your button pressed for 3 seconds! This is very important. Then use your remote and press the On/Off (aka Standby) button also for at least 3 seconds. Probably your TV will be turned off earlier, but keep the button pressed. If you did it well, TV will restart automatically. Mine has restarted 2 times. I did not press any button during automatic restart.


Hi. Thanks for the help. Unfortunately my TV doesn't have a physical off button. Just a "joystick" style button on the back. 


I've tried this a few times as well as factory reset, pressing 4 buttons on remote together, resetting smart hub and changing country domains. Nothing working sadly 😞



Factory reset is just resetting all values back to default. Pending Smart hub issue is most likely a memory addressing issue. Seems that Tizen is unable to handle the memory effectively. I guess, once the memory does not have enough free place, smart hub update can not be completed, and the process ends in an infinite loop... 

That's why a more drastic solution is necessary. Please check my previous comment how to execute a "hard reset" on your tv. 

It is not a 100% sure solution, but it helped in some cases. And I have not heard abouy any other solution so far.


The thing is, my model (UE22F5400) doesn't have a power button - just a joystick style menu button. So that hard reset doesn't work. 


I don't think the press power button on the tv + power button on the controller would do a bigger reset than entering Samsung Service menu and doing an actual Factory reset on the service menu which is not to be accessed by a common person and don't mess with the values there or you might break the TV...


Anyway doing the 3 seconds on the joystick button + 3 seconds on my remote controller does nothing and anyway I already did a app reset, SVC reset, factory reset all from Service Menu and even update apps from service menu, changed smart hub location and everything and nothing works...


Even took the TV to a authorized samsung service shop and they wanted me to pay for a new motherboard which I refused since this garbage is all software problems and bad design from samsung it self and they are the ones who should fix\pay not us customers...



it was suggested by official Samsung repairmen who has visited me to replace the mainboard. BTW, mainboard replacement is one of the common, but unfortunately not working solution. As MB unique ID and Display's unique ID are linked and stored in FW, and this can not be done at your home, only in factory.


Yes, he replaced the MB, and the TV became brick... Original MB back, and whoala, TV worked again.


So we tried the trick and worked well. Of course, I had to do the full configuration again. What I had to do after factory reset as well, but I did realize quickly, factory reset just erased my settings but did not free up the memory, and Smart hub was still pending... So factory reset is not solving this special defect.


It looks like that this trick erases RAM which allows you to use your memory again. This is what you can't do from service menu, simply because there is no opttion for that. Samsung support did full factory reset at least 3 times, without any result. Then they offered the MB replacement which did not work at all, as wrote above.


Probably MB replacement in service can solve the problem, but as service will install a similar board with similar OS, and similar FW, most probably the same issue will appear sooner or later on your TV.


I read several reports from many different countries and I'm sure, this is a known memory handling defect of Tizen OS. Most probably - my experience says - an unlucky combination of a memory type (the physical IC from a specific manufacturer) and Tizen OS have this specific defect. I can imagine that different memory, for example more expensive but more robust from a known vendor does not have this problem at all. I've worked several years in consumer, in Hungary at Philips, where we produced TVs... I saw some interesting things.


Actually I have approx 33% free of memory. I'm able to install and remove apps, and no Smart hub is pending issue. So, I have to say, the trick, what I wrote is working. At least for my TV, and this is not sure that later models or high-end models also supports this trick.


Yeah I have seen in other forum a guy with the same problem but his TV was under warranty so they replaced the motherboard and was working and he put all auto updates to OFF, but it's pointless...

I have always used auto-updates OFF for both smart hub and TV FW, but no matter what the memory keeps filling up without installing any app or even barely using it, I only used youtube and cleaning it's data barely gave me any free memory, it was full and youtube was already lagging and stucking so I reseted the TV which usually would give me around 100MB, but instead after last FW and using the TV reseting it only left me 10MB free and then I lost all default apps and smarth hubs keep reporting that needs a update but in seconds the 10MB go to 0KB free...

So I think no matter what this problem will eventually happen and its a samsung flaw and they want us to keep buying new motherboard for their stupid lack of software options of no data access, no memory cleaning, no nothing...

And I don't think is even anything to do with the ***** cheap 1GB total memory that comes for Smart Hub which out-of-the-box is already almost full... I bet samsung wasted like 0.5€ for the ***** 1GB chip in it, 1st its very low memory for a so called smart TV, then the software will eventually eat the rest...

And even a 2018 or 2019 TV that my cousin bought this year for around 600€ which has the latest white menu, just like my 2015 TV only still comes with stupid only 1GB total memory out-of-the-box and only has a few MB free too, so most likely even here brand new TV some day will go kaput and lose all the so called "smart" features, so stupid...

ps: Wish samsung would get sued and would have to make a FW to fix ALL their smart TV's with a way to clean the memory and make smart hub working again... THIS IS STUPIDITY and no one from samsung come here in the forum to say anything... Anyway on other forum some guys had a workaround for the "smart Hub is updating" by locking the domain that samsung used, but I can't remember the domain and my router sadly doesn't even support website blocking and I tried only with firewall maxed out but its pointless, but still that doesnt fix the memory problem it might only at least allow to install the non default apps on a USB pen drive, but I think the default apps will be gone for good as they most likely will still report that can't be installed on external devices and I don't even know if the method still works and the domain might be for their zone only and for here it might be other domain, I can't test...


This updating on Samsung app worked Thsnk you thank you and Merry Christmas!

  1.  With the remote control press the following keys in sequence:          Info -> Menu -> Mute -> Power. I repeated this twice and the Service Mode screen then appeared.
  2. Select the 'Option' menu item.
  3. Select 'Factory Reset'.
  4. Wait for the TV to restart.
  5. If it doesn't restart then restart it on remote 
  6. Followed the setup.

works a treat 

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