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Smart hub failure

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Netflix, Pandora and all the other apps stopped working on me today. My internet connection is good as i switched from a WIFI setting to a wired one and still no results. I reset the smart hub and now when i go click on an app it says  "Smart hub is being update please try again later" i went to self diagnosis and it told me to update to a newer version but when i go to update it tells me that there are no more updates. I then looked around to manually update and went to the samsung site with the firmware. When i typed in my Model # which is "UN55H6203" the website said i didnt have a real model number. Any help would be appreciated i bought this tv a few years ago for the smart features so id like to get them up and running again.


In my experience you can't use the samsung page search.  I had to do a google search for "<MODEL NUMBER> firmware", like "UN60F6300AFXZA firmware".  That will bring you to the product page 

and scroll down to firmware.  Where you will see

MAY 29,2020  |  ver 2230.0  |  637.33 MB


Follow the directions on

for updating via USB (don't do the part about visiting the downloads center, use the file you downloaded earlier). 


I've got the same issue. Hulu would not work on my TV and the TV could not connect to the basic Samsung services. It kept saying the server was under maintenance and to check back later.... for months. I finally decided to bite the bullet and reset the TV. Now it gives this ERR-0006 and fails to connect to Smart Hub despite the TV being up to date. I disabled all firewalls and my PiHole yet it still cannot connect. I'm using the same DNS I was using when I originally set it up out of the box.


It's sad that a 6-month old $1,400 TV would eat ***** and die like this. Samsung support hasn't been any better. I can only schedule a tech to come out and take a look at the TV 9 days from now. No other date is available in the next 30 days. It won't even let me schedule the service. It says there was an issue because there is already service requested for this product even though there are no orders for service listed in my account. Instead of pushing for newer and newer products (and decreasing the life expectancy of their products to 5 years from 10+) they should commit to manufacturing and building reliable products and having a customer support experience worthy of their expensive products. I have worked on many Samsung smart products myself and currently work in IT so I know where they make cuts and where they should improve. No one has worse customer support; not even LG.

where is smart hub screen? and what is blue samsung app?


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