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Small White Circles on TV screen


By small I mean a 20mm dia small white circles in a grid pattern are visble on the display, Its particularly bad on plain backrounds but evident all the time. Photos don't show it very well but I have attached one to try and help. You have to look carefully - its more obvious than this when watching. The TV model is UE50KU6000K and it just over two years old. We have four Samsung TV's in the house - I hope this isn't going to be a trend!





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Well the Hisense TV only lasted 2 days!!! First HDMI2 failed then also HDMI 1 and now the last one. Rang John Lewis, and found a Toshiba with similar spec for same price and the will deliver it on Monday and take the Hisense away at the same time no arguing just sorted it out for me. I hope the Toshiba does better. Watching on an old 21" Goodmans TV for now.

It's 15 years old but decent picture and sound.



Has anyone able to get the serial number on the new models for Samsung TV through on screen menu




Can you not get the serial number when you go to settings ->support -> about TV?

I will have a look the exact path and will repost tonight!



I have the same issue here, KU7000 model 50" a bit over 2 yrs old TV. As a true Samsung fan this was really dissapointing to find out that so many people have the same issue which appears to happen after only 1.5-2 years of using the device. Even though almost all of my tech (mobile, tablet, watch, PC monitor, even home appliances) is Samsung, I am not sure my next TV will be. 

I already lost my confidence in Samsung and 2 weeks ago I started looking for a new TV. After analyzing the market and understanding that Samsung's problems are becoming more and more frequent, I made the decision to try a Philips (50PUS7354) and I am extremely pleased. I realized that Samsung is no longer what it once was. It's just a lot of advertising and the products are getting weaker.


Absolutely disgusted with Samsung and their total failure to even acknowledge the clear and obvious issue with the products. 


Have been urging quite a large social network of contacts to avoid Samsung at all costs and will certainly be doing so myself.


Got a new Sony TV and couldn't be happier. Such a shame to see what was once a premium brand go down the route of choosing quantity over quality 


Many years ago Samsung replaced a TV of mine that was well out out of warranty on the basis that it was premature failure. That one act bought my loyalty for years and I have many Samsung products. Similarly Samsung have lost my loyalty with their one act of failing to help me with a screen that failed with these circles when just out of warranty. I now have a Sony TV, purchased from John Lewis with a 5 year warranty included.


Samsung seem to have forgot that dealing with failure is an opportunity to provide excellent customer care and will often buy more brand loyalty than simply providing a reliable product in the first place.


A great shame because I was very happy with their products.


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one of these circles have popped up on my TV .


Its 3 years old at least now so guessing it wont be repaired but seeing as this is so common i dont think i will bother with a Samsung TV again for sure...






Suprise suprise, 3 years old and i have got the same issue... going back to Sony! FYI i notice this thread is old and still Samsung haven't done anything about it... Customer service centre say (as they have to other UK buyers) that costs are down to moi 😡


Have the same issue and Samsung doesn't appear concerned about fixing the issue or helping them to get a replacement or discounted offer to keep their customers... Won't be buying anymore and will tell my family the same.

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