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(Topic created on: 03-12-2020 06:39 PM)
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I recently purchased a new Samsung tv (UE49RU7300k). TV worked initially after installing. It connected my SKY Q box, AMAZON firestick HD and SONY SMART blu ray DVD player. However every time I turned the tv off and back on again I was not able to watch my SKY Q service. Had displayed a blue error screen with “THIS SCREEN DOES NOT SUPPORT HDCP. TRY RECONNECTING YOUR HDMI CABLE,OR USE A DIFFERENT SCREEN”.  This only cleared if I rebooted my SKY Q box or switched HDMI ports. I contacted SAMSUNG and after numerous calls to them this issue remained the same. Even after Technicians had remotely tried to fix this problem. Ie.. rebooted the HDMI ports and hard reset of the TV to factory settings. New hi-speed HDMI cables.  I even upgraded my SKY Q 2TB box from UHD HD TO UHD HDR at my cost. This issued continued every time I switched off the TV and put it on again. SAMSUNG authorised a replacement TV which was received and guess what exactly the same issue happened. Occasionally it would clear after about 15-20 mins and then would work until you turn the TV off and back on again. I researched this issue and quite clearly there is an issue with SAMSUNG TVS and SKY Q 2TB box. The SKY forum has numerous pages on issues with SAMSUNG TV’S communicating with SKY Q for the last 18months or so (DIFFERENT MODL SAMSUNG TV’S). I have now changed my SAMSUNG TV to another brand (SONY). And immediately the TV synced with the SKY Q box. I have not had any issues since. My advice is to seriously research any new purchase of a Samsung TV in particular should you own a SKY Q 2TB HD/HDR box.

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@TSR300  Sorry you have had issues with Samsung and the Skyq 2TB  Box.   I have the same set up myself but have  had not had many problems.  I ocassionaly have got  this screen does not support HDCP message  but removing the power cable  for 30 seconds has sorted it.


However in some cases  people do need to reboot Q Box and also possibly Tv  or change HDMI cable.   Obviously  some have more problems than others and appreciate the frustrations.    From my understanding there have been more problems with the first generation Boxes, now on 3rd generation and those Boxes with external power supply work better.   However this will not be universal.    Some customers have found that issues happen  less often if they change the ECO setting to None but would still need to put the Box into standby manually. Changing HDMI control option has had an effect for some customers too.


However there was information earlier this year that there is an compatibility problem with the One Connect Box   and whilst they do work ok together the tuning of the distribution of the One Connect Box (q part of it) needs resetting at times.  Sky software engineers working on it but as far as I am aware have not yet found a solution.    I should point out that my Samsung TV (2017)   does not have a One Connect Box.

My Device- S21 Ultra 5G ( SM-998B/DS ) CSC= BTU , 12GB/256GB
One Ui 4.0,Android 12 Beta 2

Hi James, have you had any updates on a resolution to this HDCP issue as think am having same problems.

Have just purchased a QN800A 8k neo qled tv & have a Sky Q STB (model ES240) and constantly get the 'This screen does not support HDCP' error msg displayed when select the sky input.

Have tried all 4 ports on the one connect box, 3 different types of 8k uhd 2.1 hdmi cables & reset/rebooted the tv with no luck. TV start up & then connect external device to set up. Also tv connection help driven hdmi cable tests all pass ok.
After about 3 hrs tonight with the Samsung online help and remote support trying to configure my tv they've now said it's a sky issue...

my Sky STB still works fine with/on my old Samsung tv (HD max) ?