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Sky picture issues

(Topic created on: 01-10-2020 01:06 PM)

Hello All,


I have a strange issue after recently purchasing and connecting a Samsung HW-Q800T to my current setup. I have the following:

- Samsung QLED Q90R TV, firmware version: 1361

- Sky HD+

- Samsung HW-Q800T soundbar


The Sky HD+ box is connected to the one connect box via HDMI and was working fine, it could be a coincidence but after connecting the Q800T soundbar to the TV via HDMI ARC, I have been getting a strange issue where if I for example switch to playing my PS4 or watching Netflix via the TV app and return to the Sky source, I can only hear the sound and the display is the Sky logo with the light blue samsung default background.


To resolve this I have to switch the TV and Sky box off several times and wait and by luck I get everything back as it was however when I switch the TV back on and it works, on that occasion I notice the "Samsung QLED TV" or something along those lines is displayed when switched on, almost like the TV has restarted.


Any help, advice would be much appreciated.