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Setup type, local set, front color option

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Please help setup type, local set, front color option in my tv UE43RU7402UXXH. I know enter in service menu, but dont know values in this setup. I am from Serbia. This happened after replace tv motherboard in service. Thanks

you actually need a SAMSUNG GENUINE ORIGINAL SERVICE REMOTE TM930 AA81-00243A TM1240 AA81-00243B to get all the options you need to change

To activate service menu with service remote. turn tv on, press source, info, factory, menu.

goto options and change the following by clicking ok on it. to go back one step press menu on service remote.

type = is on the white label on the back of the screen the bottom right most likely 43D6AU0NN

local set = eu_seb or any closer country

sw model = match to whats on the label at the back of the tv. the figure in brackets or after version no

model code = edit to match the ue43ru7402uxxh

Please don't change anything else and power off and back on to exit and save service menu
Thank you very much. I will try to do so, so I will let you know if that is the solution.
Sorry, you didn't tell me which setting is for front color option (enter MRT ...)


front colour would auto detect

For which options do you need the service remote? On my RU7300 all service menu options including advanced/expert options can be accessed with the standard remote.


Also how can the main board be reset to show the options above. 

Samsung have hidden the local set option in recent Tv's and cannot be accessed even in the advanced menu. 

Hello! I have the same problemi with my QE55Q64TAUXZT

I am able to go in the service menu bit I don't know the parameter. Can you help me? 

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I have the same issue.  Factory remote has no mute and service menus don't have anything that accesses the type local set front color option.  

Good morning
since MARCH 2015, I have
the One connection box

I fell to the ground, all the usb ports broke.
When restarted, it sets itself in Greek and gives the message of the photo attached.
I managed to put the language in Italian but it no longer shows the country of Italy but only the Balkan countries and the writing appears on the TV

Setup type, local set, front color option

Kindly ask where can I solve the problem?

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