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Samsung, you have to introduce dolby vision


This is ridiculous. DV is taking off and your lack of support does nothung but hurt your customers.

How about you lead the way and put your customers before some ***** fisted marketing strategy? 


If it's any help:

shows the brightness of many models in Candelas (Nits) and I'm thinking that to avoid "darkness issues" having a lot of Nits might be a good thing?




I have no doubt that HDR10+ is awesome, but the problem is, Netflix doesnt support it. 

I suggest to add Dolby Vision on our TVs, or pay Netflix to support HDR10+


now it's Netflix, apple, Disney, Vudu, Amazon... every popular streaming company has adopted dolby vision. every Samsung competitor offers dolby vision.  streaming services are the main way people watch now.. feels like hd dvd  vs bluray again Samsung bet on the wrong format. i think its only a matter of time before they are forced to adopt it or get driven out of the tv market. I only hope they support more than just the 2020 tvs though..

technology and picture aside its annoying to see dolby vision available for every new show that comes out and know I'm missing out on something by owning a samsung tv.. I just want all of the lights to say they are doing something. (Atmos, vision, etc)


Unfortunately, I purchased a Samsung Note 9.  Great (and by great I mean freaking fantastic) phone hardware but by far the worst software experience I have ever had on a phone. They force ads on your 1200 dollar phone, they make decisions for you and refuse to let you use your phone how you want, aka deleting the facebook app is never an option on my phone.


HDR10+ is a Samsung Proprietary HDR format.  This has me to conclude that Samsung has, in no way, no intentions on allowing the customers to make their own decisions in which format they choose to watch.  They know most of their customers are uneducated and could careless about the implementation of dolby vision, and continue to push the HDR10+ proprietary standard, and provide their customers no choice.  It really sucks because when it comes to the hardware on devices,Samsung really delivers.  But they have the tendancy to cripple the amazing hardware with the software they put on the devices they sell. Due to this, and the lack of dolby vision, I will not be purchasing the 75 inch Q80 like I originally wanted to.  It's amazing how a TV that costs $2300 (on black friday) refuses to have dolby vision but my Sony x700d has dolby vision and was $700.00.  I think it's time to get your stuff together Samsung and actually provide your customers with something that they want. Also, stop with all the "terms and agreements" ***** on everything you do.  I had to agree to like four "terms and agreements" in order to even post this, it's ridiculous!  I didn't pay you thousands of dollars for you to provide me with a bunch of legal jargon.


I was to buy the Samsung QE82Q950R in a few weeks from now, but the lack of Dolby Vision support is turning me to other brands. 


I *****ing bought the Q90 and I swear I will bring it back. 

I loved Samsung but this is not fine anymore.


Still I can't believe why you think hdr10+ can be big. Its over all your partnerships went to Dolby vision. *****ing dickheads 



I have  also bought Q70 yesterday and if Samsung in 2 weeks do not announce that they will add Dolby Vision feature I will also bring it bsck and take Sony instead...

This is ridiculous having so expensive TV that can not stream most of the content online... 


I hope they implement DV and announce it at the CES 20...


I like Samsung products - I have a Samsung phone and two Samsung TVs in the house. However my main TV is a Sony - because it supports DV. I will soon upgrade that TV - but even though Samsung make some great QLED LCDs I wont be considering a Samsung model because of their lack of DV.


I assume that there are two reasons why Samsung have not yet adopted Dolby Vision. Firstly, it is propriatary and requires a royalty payment. Secondly, Samsung's arch rival LG was an early adoptor of DV.


Samsung would rather create a rival HDR format and create a pointless HDR format war than follow LG.


Samsung ceated HDR 10+, to avoid having to adopt DV. Technically HDR 10+ is similar to DV in terms of current capability.


At first when LG and Vizio were the only companies with DV, then trying to push a rival HDR format may have seemed feasible. However, HDR 10+ seems to have well and truly lost the HDR format war. Meaning that its technical equivalence to DV is completely irrelevant.


Other TV manufacturers such as Panasonic, Sony and Philips have all joined team DV. DV has now become common on streaming services such as Amazon and Netflix and on UHD bluray as well. It is hard to find any HDR 10+ content.


Only if you buy a Samsung TV are you locked out of this wave of DV content. If you buy a Sony TV you get DV but not HDR10+ - but the lack of HDR 10+ does not seem like a big issue when there is so little content for it. Panasonic and Philips support both HDR 10+ and DV - which covers all the bases in case HDR 10+ ever does take off.


Samsung should do themselves and their customers a favor by adopting DV - but I doubt they will. Just as with curved TVs i expect that Samsung will continue with a bad idea long after it would have been sensible to change.


Hopefully I will be proved wrong and Samsung will announce DV support at CES 2020. Maybe they could even provide a firmware update for their 2019 sets to support DV! (Or at least produce a new One Connect box with DV for existing owners to buy.)


I think it would be in Samsung's best interest to let potential customers know now when Dolby Vision support is coming, if it is. I was about to buy a 65 inch Samsung (The Frame - 2019 model) , but I will definitely not do that if Dolby Vision will not be supported for that model by software upgrade. There are numerous sources for DV (Streaming and 4k Blu Ray) shows I use on my other TV which has supported DV for the last few years. I love watching DV shows, and I will not give up DV capability. In my opinion Samsung is going to loose market share because they do not support DV, and no announcement has been made. 

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