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Samsung universal remote won't work with virgin media TiVo box

(Topic created on: 03-04-2022 11:25 PM)
Jonny 187
First Poster

I have just bought a Samsung QE50QN90AATXXU and I'm trying to set up the remote but it won't work on my Virgin media TiVo box.

The Virgin box is a DCX960/KK0B/N215/1000

The remote just won't recognise it at all. I've tried doing the manual setup and searching by model number but I cannot find a way to make it work. It does not change channel, pause or anything else. The only thing that works is volume but that is connected to a Sonos beam through eARC.

Can anyone help? It's embarrassing that brand new and expensive tech is so bad at connecting together.

I have a Samsung Q95T television with the same Virgin box as you + Sonos Arc also connected via eARC. When I purchased the TV the setup ran smoothly; it almost installed itself.! At the time my Virgin box was running TiVo. We could replicate nearly all of the TV's functionality via the Samsung TV's remote. Then, Virgin updated their box to the 365 service and since then I've had precisely the same issue(s) as you. Yesterday I tried a manual install and things seemed promising when I found both the make and model of the 365 box via the drop down menus but I couldn't get it to change channel using any of the suggested options. It's infuriating. It's possible to update the TV's firmware (using an sd card not the inbuilt over WiFi option.?) and I'm hoping that Samsung will fix this soon. It's unacceptable that we're having these issues with modern (and expensive..) components. Samsung/Virgin have failed to update the interface to reflect the changes made by Virgin; this was all working a year ago. Even if the interface was sorted I doubt the Samsung remote would work with voice searching on the Virgin box so I think we're destined to be using the Virgin remote for the foreseeable future.? Sorry I couldn't bring you better news ...
Jonny 187
First Poster

Thanks for the reply lahoof, frustrating but at least I know I'm not alone! Let's hope Virgin / Samsung get this sorted at some point soon.

I have an old universal remote so I'll try to set that up in the meantime but unlikely it will give all the functionality needed

Mark S S
First Poster

Yes I too have this issue where the Samsung tv used to control the Virgin TiVo box, but now has stopped and I am not able to change channels etc. I can’t see the model number when I try to set up the Virgin Box manually which is annoying. So it’s back to using 2 TV remotes, a backward step for a so called update. Poor quality control and testing by Samsung I’m afraid