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Samsung un55mu8000, Brief Verticals “Orange” Pixel Flicker

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Hows it going guys, brand new here.  Just purchased an open box Samsung un55mu8000.  Loving the TV, however one two different occasions now I have briefly, and I mean briefly, witness a single vertical group of pixels (not an entire vertical strip, briefly appear “orange” in color and then go back to normal.  The pixels do not “flicker” and do not seem to be intermittent in nature.  Is this something I should be concerned about?  My TV is set to “Game Mode” and I am utilizing an Xbox One X.  My only guess is it could be something to do with pixel refresh, but I figured I would ask some more knowledgeable individuals on here for thoughts or ideas.  No dead pixels or burn in. 


The TV is amazing, and the open box tv was only about a month old.  I am updating the TV as we speak, to the latest update.  Anyone have any ideas what this could be?  Thanks guy.  


Hi @Rob232369


Have you noticed this after doing the firmware update?


Hey Chris, so I haven’t had enough time with the TV now to see if it’s changed at all.  I’ll be monitoring it extensively over the next few weeks and trying to keep track of any time I see it.  I had only two times it happened, before I updated the TV to firmware 1147, and that happened once during Ghost Recon Wildlands and once prior to that while watching Amazon prime movies.  I played games last night on my Xbox One x and watched about an hour of a movie on Amazon with my wife and knock on wood, didn’t see anything yet.  We’ll see though.  Hoping for the best.


Let us know how you get on @Rob232369.

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