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Samsung UE55RU710 0KXXU update 1401 Pioneer AV Receiver switching off

(Topic created on: 28-08-2022 02:53 PM)

I have a Samsung UE55RU710 0KXXU TV connected to a Pioneer AV receiver. Before the system update yesterday to 1401, when I have the TV sound set to HMDI, all was good (both HDMI and optical connected from TV to amp - the amp does not support ARC, so even though I have HDMI selected I presume that optical is used. I have HDMI-CEC enabled in TV settings and the Samsung remote controls the amp volume. The amp switched on and off with the TV too, so the Pioneer remote is not needed). However, since the update to 1401, when I have HDMI-CEC enabled in TV settings, my amp is switched off after a few seconds of use and the sound reverts to the TV speakers. If I switch the amp back on, it just switches off again after a few seconds. Note: this is only since doing the TV update - the amp is working fine with everything else. If I disable HDMI-CEC in TV settings and select optical in the TV sound settings, then the sound comes through the amp fine, but I need to use the Pioneer remote to adjust volume and switch the amp on and off. Also, I no longer get Dolby Digital Plus audio from the TV, just Dolby Digital.

Can I revert back to the previous TV software which was working fine?


Should also mention that I have to do this every time I turn on the TV. It's not been a one-and-done solution. Yes, it's pretty %$#@ing annoying, but it restores my HDMI audio.