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Samsung UE55JU6800 will now not access the NAS

(Topic created on: 21-07-2020 04:28 PM)
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My Samsung UE55JU6800 will now not access my NAS it was working ok last time I used it. The TV is on my network wired via RJ45 as is my computer (Win 7) my Sky Box and my Nas. From my computer I can see the ip address for all items just mentioned on the network. My PC will still access the Nas for Photos and Music with no problem. The TV has no problem when I use access it via my phone to show photos. BUT when I use the hand controller and push "source" and go across to the relevant icon "Data Store Link Station Network" and I even have an icon of it,  the message back is " NO CONTENT FOUND" I have also used the TV and checked the network that way and all is working ok and the TV connects to internet no problem. Did get desperate and leave TV un- plugged all evening but that did not help..Any thought ideas would be appreciated. Thank You