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Samsung UE48JU6445 no picture

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When I turn in the TV I get sound but no picture. I disconnected main board and backlight works. The backlight does NOT come on when I turn the TV on. What can the issue be? What's the possibility of a completely dead panel? TV just went out on me. It is about 2-3 years old. When I disconnect the two ribbon cables going from TCON to the Panel, I see a blue LED light up in the TCON board. I also see backlight turns on. Once I connect the two tcon ribbon cables I can see that the backlight stops turning on, the picture is still dead but once again sound and what not works. It seems like backlight turns on ONLY when I disconnect the panel from the TCON. Please help???


Btw none of the capictors seem to have blown and the mainboard from what it seems, seems to be functioning. 

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