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Samsung UE40ES6300 TV will not find or connect to wireless network


I also have a Samsung UE40ES6300 TV and yesterday it suddenly stopped finding my or any other wireless nestworks. 


I have reset the router, factory reset the TV and it still won't find any wireless networks. I suspect the wireless card in the TV has failed. 


I also have a UE40ES5500 TV and that suffered the power cycling issue. We paid to have that fixed, but then over time found that Amazon Prime, Netflix etc were no longer supported and the apps were removed from the TV without any warning. We bought the Smart TV for those services and similar services and to find that within a year or so, services were just removed is appalling. 


I suggest that someone from Samsung contacts me to explain or resolve the issues above, because as it stands at the moment I do not rate Samsung build quality, longevity in service, or customer service highly at all. I will not buy any Samsung products again - that goes for TVs, consumer products, mobile phones, tablets or PCs. Someone at Samsung needs to realise that these are expensive items and the fact that they just fail after a year or so in service is not good enough. They seem to treat these items as disposable items with a working lifespan of 1 year. 


Response from Samsung today.....

They still insist that there's no problem with firmware.


"We are contacting in response to your communication earlier this afternoon to our UK CEO's office concerning your Samsung 37" television and report that it no longer connected wirelessly following a firmware update undertaken in November 2017. 

Following receipt of your escalation we have discussed this matter with our Head Office AV Product Specialists. They have advised that there were no known or recognised issues of this nature with this model despite any posts you may have seen and that a firmware update in isolation would not remove the TV's capability to connect wirelessly and instead. '


My friend has a different model which uses the same firmware, and he can't connect wirelessly, another with the ES6100 model too has the same problem, as are many others - A firmware roll back would rule out any hardware fault.


Strange that the previous poster had been updated to the 002007 firmware - which was the last version that my TV would connect wirelessly.


Anyone know how you can roll back firmware.


I have had the same problem since the very next day the warranty exposed (two years ago)  It's inconceivable, that even though the wifi card may be broken, that causes the TV to freeze and not responde to the remote. Too bad SAMSUNG has blocked the option to disable by hardware the wifi card. I think it's a very severe design flaw, that causes a very expensive TV to become completely useless.

This is absolutely shameful. I can confirm you that I have the same problem. Samsung has decepcionated me. I will never buy a Samsung product again.

I have the 2012 model ue32es6710 and have the same issue that I only noticed a few days ago.  After a few restarts it showed me some wireless networks and connected, but next time I used to TV it couldn’t find them again and now won’t find any.  Have tried factory reset, dns tweaks, router restart.  I was on firmware version 2007 and it randomly stopped working.  I just manually updated it to 2008 and still not working.  


Hi, I'm having the same problems as described in this thread.  I have a Samsung UE37ES6170 TV and I have just changed ISP from TalkTalk to PlusNet.  I set up my new router and all devices connected to my new broadband except the TV.  It listed the router as an available network but when I tried to connect it kept saying wireless network disconnected.  I tried various fixes with the router which last night temporarily allowed the TV to connect (with a lot of buffering) but now the situation is much worse with the TV not even detecting any wireless networks (it normally lists neighbours networks too) or even more frustrating is they are listed for about a nano-second and then the screen disappears.  Two evenings spent on this with no progress whatsoever and the situation even worse.  The software is 2007 and but I can't update as I can't connect to the internet and cannot work out how the USB method works, despite downloading the file onto a USB.


I changed ISP to get better catch up TV connectivity and instead it's just before Christmas and I can't get any catch up TV at all.


Hi @Helen15. Unsure if you've seen it, but there's a guide on how to update by USB here:


The need for extraction of the upgrade file once its downloaded tends to trip a few people up - but let us know more about where the USB method isn't working for you.

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I would certainly say that it's an issue related to the wifi card. I've been reading a lot of it and I am sure that this piece if defective or not work well in Samungn TV motherboards. I finally opened it and disconnected it and now works fine (apart from the wifi and bluetooth not working, of course). Oddly Samsung doesn't acknowledge it, and continues giving false hints to consumers, I guess with the purpose of avoiding a class action. Too pathetic. I have lost confidence on Samung for ever and ever.

Samsung UE46ES6300  Wifi problem

Service menu- - 





-Sub Option

-Wifi Region --> A

it works for me...( Hungary )

I don't have these options on my TV. perhaps because it's a few years old. Thanks though.
Just an update - I spoke to Samsung and they said it sounded like the Network Interface Card wasn't working and to call out an Engineer. As I knew this would be costly I decided against this and instead bought an Amazon Firestick for £24.95 and now I have catch up TV again!

Interestingly when I changed my ISP and router the TV did find the router at first but could not connect. Now it does not find any wifi networks at all, no matter how close. Looks like NICs can break due to confusion!!
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