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SAMSUNG UE 55RU7440 live tv problem

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On my SAMSUNG UE 55RU7440 TV, I get a network error when I go to some web sites for the last few days and I can't watch tv from live TV broadcast sites like and but the problem is temporarily solved with vpn. Which application should I use to avoid creating problems in the browser for eu55 model?


The problem continue as the same, VPN erroneal concept.


You provider will need renews links as well, not only you.


Sametime "internal firewall" as conceptual concept denny some entrys to the server, and are saved as faulties, then if you renew you will continue with your same ip because your provider assig you last one and its is forbiten by server Netflix.


It is as a Ban temporal, because your provide get the maintenance of the service active :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:

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