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Samsung UE-55AU7000 LED TV review and service status

(Topic created on: 03-05-2022 05:01 PM)
First Poster

It was an excellent service, I was very satisfied with the store, with the product, the box was punctured in the cargo, they called the manager and they solved my problem from the cargo, we were not damaged, it was not damaged, it was wrapped perfectly, it was reinforced with extra foam, it was a very caring company, samsung quality on tv, my second samsung is good enough

The product was delivered very quickly, the seller called quickly after ordering and delivered it. I have not used the product yet, but my impression during the installation shows that it is a nice and high quality product. thanks

Samsung quality is evident, for mid-level home users (netflix, youtube, etc.) the sound and image are very good. It comes with a smart remote. The package arrived intact, the Samsung service installs it for free, they only charge the apparatus for wall mounting.

The product was delivered very quickly and perfectly. Samsung authorized service came and installed it. no problem. Although it is much more profitable to buy online than the market, I recommend you to follow the price for a while before buying from here, we bought it for 10250 liras, never seen that price again ‌‌ I think it was a feat to catch it in the most expensive state because it was always in the 9700 band afterward..