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Samsung UA48JU6400 bright spots and looking for its adequate backlight strips

(Topic created on: 17-10-2020 04:20 PM)
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Greetings. I had the 48" UA48JU6400 model since 2016 and I have been using it only for gaming and not watching TV so it's use is just few hours a week and sometimes no use at all for weeks or month and whenever it's not used it's always covered with many sheets to avoid it getting dust and while not used, I cut the power from it so no mishaps won't happen to it like when it's raining or risking electricty shutting down from lightning or variable voltages so it is always in good shape and looks as if it was new.


Suddenly on this Sunday, when i turned it on, I noticed a huge bright spot on the left side in the middle which is very obvious :





Then 2 days later I noticed another small spot on bottom left side of the TV; it's not as huge as the middle one but it's getting bigger each time:




I highlighted the newer spot with a red arrow. Sadly the phone pictures are not in great quality and they don't highlight the huge and small spots very but they are very apprent on my TV.


Wherever I googled or asked around here about the problem, they told me it's the lenses that diffuse the light for LED have problems they are either burnt out or got its glue removed (btw since I got the TV, whenever it's working, I hear stuff like gushots or small explosions inside as if stomething is getting detached from the TV, I wonder if it were the lenses getting their glue bursting).

Anyway, anyone who can fix the TV told me that the backlight strips need to be changed cus they got damaged after their planned short age and now I am looking everywhere form where I can order those  baclight strips for my exact TV model.


I found only this:

mentioning the UA48JU6400 but I don't know if it's accurate and they come in a pack of 12 for other TVs I don't want and from what I understood I need at least 3 of those to replace all 3 faulty backlight strips for my TV (for now middle and bottom ones are damaged but I expected the top one to burst too soon, according to the planned age, since both middle and bottom ones got damaged during the same week).


So I will be forced to order 3 of those 12 packs to just get 3 backlight strips for my TV alongside all the other ones that I won't need (that is if the link gives me the one I want )


Do you know a place from where I can order just the baclight strip for my Samsung modle 48 " UA48JU6400, so in sum 3 of the strips? I don't want to get all the extra ones. Thanks.


Best regards.


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I tried to repair my 10year old samsung LED/LCD tv when it had the same problem.  It took me 3 hours to disassemble the TV.  There are many delicate parts to be careful with and the voltages inside can be lethal so do not do this.  The screen was taped together and I was able to re-glue the diffuser back into place and reassemble the tv.  A week later more fell off.  I gave up trying to repair the unit and sent it to e-waste and bought a new TV.  My TV was very old so I did not care about breaking it further... If your tv is new or under warranty I do not recommend trying to repair it yourself.

This diffuser problem for the LED/LCD models seems to be something that occurs very often.  As an engineer, it occurs to me that this is a perfect planned obsolescence opportunity.