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samsung tv upgrade program

(Topic created on: 30-07-2020 09:47 AM)
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I joined the tv upgrade program 3 years ago, thinking  that every 2 years i would be invited to upgrade, but i have never been invited to do this. my Samsung QE55Q8CAM curved tv stared to flicker at the top of the screen, so i had an Samsung tv engine come and have a look at it, he said the screen was not repairable, and that his boss would ring me to tell me how much it was going to cost me, which he did phone me quickly to tell me the screen was no longer available, i now how a tv I'm still paying for which is knackered, and i have had no luck in talking to anybody at Samsung about  this issue. i will never trust Samsung again that's the company not the tv, hopefully someone from the company will read this and come back to me which would be great, 2/3 people i have spoken to have never heard of the program which is really frustrating.