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Samsung TV UHD LED 65" UE65NU6025 - help with USB Harddisk

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I have purchased the above TV and have challenges recording TV on a USB Hard Disk.

I'm using an old USB hard disk 3.0 of 1TB that I also used on my old Sony TV, it worked with no problems.

I have now formatted it in sxFAT and NFTS(via pc, the tv is not giving me any options to format), and the television recognizes the hard drive in the smart hub, etc., 
but I do not get the opportunity to record on the TV. I have put some clips on the disk and they would like to play. I'm a little lost now and have read a lot of forums, etc., but nowhere is there a concrete solution. Someone in here have some good ideas? SINCERELY Michael Rasmussen

Hi Michael,

Try to partionate your hard disk and tell me it work or not 

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did not work - tried partioneing with NFTS and exfst and no formatering 

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@Michael611 wrote:



did not work - tried partioneing with NFTS and exfst and no formatering 

Hi, I was informed by the Samsung UK CEO that scheduled recordings were an issue,


Dear Mr L***

Thank you for sending a copy of your receipt as requested.

As previously mentioned in light of the various challenges that you are facing we would like to consider an exchange model for you, as advised this is pertinent to your specific situation.

However, prior to reviewing a suitable exchange we first do need to highlight that the scheduled recording issue is an on-going discussion with our Product Specialists in Head Office and HQ and thus any replacement may encounter similar issues. In addition, the Smart Things Extend is not a feature that was released and thus will not be available on any replacement.

We wanted to provide transparency ahead of further discussions but if you did wish to consider the exchange we would be happy to review and discuss further.


Sean ******

Senior Customer Services Executive| UK & Eire

e: *******


also if it as anew telly and your USB drive works on your pc it should work. NTFS partition. If it does not work then most likelyfault and send back.


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To br honest i Think the tv Works - can you comfirm tjat the tv has PVR ?
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Hello Samsung


I have just bourght the SAME 65# TV I ALLSO can't her the PVR funktion to work. .


THIS is My 4th Samsung Smart TV and THIS MIGHT BE the LAST. .


On My FIRST 4K UHD TV the UE55HU6905 Samsung SmartTV ,YOU - SAMSUNG suddenly DESIDED to REMOVE the Hhdhomerun APP during a AUTOMATIC FIRMWARE UPDATE without ANY WARNING.. 


And BEFORE I bourght this NEW SAMSUNG UHD SMART TV model UE65NU6025, I DID research if EXCATLY the PVR FUNCTION was implemented into it. . And ALL the specs I found indeed did say that PVR over USB was a FEATURE on the UE65NU6025.. 




PLEASE advise what to do, I WANT to get this PVR FUNCTION ENABLED on My TV..

And I KNOW that it can be ENABLED in the TECNNICIAN MENY that is HIDDEN for end users / owners / consumers. 

Please advise HOW to ENABLE PVR over USB. 


I bourght this October 27 2018 from BILKA.DK here in DENMARK..



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