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Samsung TV - UE43J5500 goes blank within a minute AFTER switched on the TV

(Topic created on: 06-08-2019 06:16 PM)
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UE43J5500 bought 3 years ago in 2016.
Started two weeks ago, the TV goes blank within a minute AFTER I switched the TV on. Had to manually pressed the power button behind the TV and guided the TV to HDMI 1, which was there the whole time. The TV will work fine after that.
There are no other cables into HDMI 2 or 3 ports.
The issue will happen again after turn off the TV and back on.
I have four other devices (PS3, Android box, DVD player and the default cable box) and happened with all four devices individually.
I have purchased high quality HDMI cable and even, used a HDMI cable from my bedroom TV with no luck.
I have reset the TV and turned off the ECO functions and auto-timer with no luck either.
Even had the Samsung Tech support accessed my TV and reset the HDMI ports with no luck.
What is causing the TV to go blank?