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SAMSUNG TV Tizen Broswer bookmarks problem

(Topic created on: 08-05-2023 08:11 PM)
Anonymous User
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I am using a Samsung Smart TV UE24N4300 Samsung 4 Series 24

This TV has the samsung internet TV Browser 2.1.3. 0721073 Tizen Broswer

I set the bookmarks in this browser. The Local TV memory bookmarks work fine and stay in the bokmarks tab

The Samsung account bookmarks do not load until i sign out of my samsung account and sign back in again.

Once i have done that the samsung acount bookmarks work. i Can click on a bookmark and the web page will load. IF i then  go back to the bookmarks tab the samsung account bookmarks are gone and it says no bookmarks

If i close the tab where the bookmarks are at and then reopen the bookmarks tab the samsung acount bookmarks disapear and it says there are no bookmarks

Again i have to sign out of my account and sign back in again to get them to reapear

This has only been happing for about 1 week and i only purchased this tv in october 2022

Thank you for any help