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Samsung tv stopped reading usb drives

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I have a Samsung UE55NU7023 i was playing back content just fine today and after i ejected my usb stick and insterted after 10 minutes without doing anything that would cause trouble my tv stopped loading anything from the usb port. It kep loading the usb forever when i tried to access it. I tried multiple usb sticks and it did the same thing. But when i had a single folder with a video in one usb drive the tv prompted me as always to play the video without opening the files and it played the video just fine, but when i tried to access the files after that i couldn't. What is going on? The port clearly works, what should i do? 

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Thanks for the words of encouragement, Merino! I'll have a look into the MediaHub too, thanks!


Just wanted to say a big thanks to Merino-Noir!

Thanks to your advice I've discovered the DivX Player. It works like a dream, you just select which file you want to watch and to which device and it'll play. A message simply pops up on the telly asking if you trust it or something and then it'll start playing once you select accept.

The beauty is that you don't even need to go into the Media Hub on the tv, it's all done through the mac, so hopefully that means I won't experience any spinning wheels. Fingers crossed anyway! It works perfectly for now at least and I'm able once again to watch all the movies and tv shows I have saved (this will definitely come in handy should I need to self isolate for two weeks!).

I'm so happy this has finally been resolved one way or another!

Thanks a lot, Merino, for all the advice and encouragement you've offered here :smiling-face:

Thanks everyone, stay safe!

I am convinced that NO ONE within the Samsung management decision structure takes any notice of what its' customers experience and report on these forums.

Late last year when the USB and MediaHub problems were first being reported I switched OFF the auto software updates on my two Samsung TV's.

As I reported to you all, when Samsung returned my 'repaired' TV some 6 weeks back, the first thing I did was to go into settings and disable auto updates - to no avail as the TV did an auto software update the very next day - and after that I again went into the settings and yes, auto update was shown as disabled!

My 'other' Samsung that also has auto update disabled (by me) in the middle of watching free to air TV last night suddenly displayed a message saying the TV firmware had just been updated. I went into settings and yes it has been updated. WTF!

My only hope is that while Samsung have steadfastly ignored the issues we are all voicing that in the background Samsung have been trying to resolve them, while not admitting to it.

I will be 'exercising' the USB and MediaHub functions over the next few days to see if there is any impact from this recent forced/pushed out software.

@Merino-Noir - many thanks for the ongoing updates, my problems with USB/hard drives and media hub continue. One point I just want to clarify; you mentioned your other Samsung TV had a firmware update last night, was this a  completely new firmware update or a routine update of an older version? I've just checked on the Samsung website and the firmware version for my TV is still listed as being available on 14 Nov 2019 (presumably the one that's caused all the problems). My hope is that Samsung will address the problem and issue a firmware update (without admitting to anything), so I'm hoping this will happen soon.


I have a Samsung LA40C630K1R, does not show any content on my USB drive. I have upgraded my software as well. I see so many people complaining about this with no solution? So I should just go and buy a LG TV then?


Thanks Merino-Noir,


Your recommendation works. I downloaded the SmartShare program from and installed it on my PC. Using the MediaHub function on the TV, I was able to connect the TV and watch any media stored on the PC. I hope this will work for a long time while waiting for permanent solution from SAMSUNG.

Still no new firmware... Samsung are really slow with fixes this has been going on since December.

just wanted to thank  u kadous. 

i had the same issue for usb and then disconnected the power.

now it work again.



I've cured the problem it's easy fix


Instead of leaving the TV in standby turn it off,just like the old TVs no standby


It works because I've been doing it since I contributed to this forum

You,re lucky. This didn't work for me and I ended up getting a new mother board under the guarantee. Best wishes. Stay safe.
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