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Samsung tv stopped reading usb drives

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I have a Samsung UE55NU7023 i was playing back content just fine today and after i ejected my usb stick and insterted after 10 minutes without doing anything that would cause trouble my tv stopped loading anything from the usb port. It kep loading the usb forever when i tried to access it. I tried multiple usb sticks and it did the same thing. But when i had a single folder with a video in one usb drive the tv prompted me as always to play the video without opening the files and it played the video just fine, but when i tried to access the files after that i couldn't. What is going on? The port clearly works, what should i do? 

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And remember this is NOT a fix, just a work around as the problem reading USB and other issues with Smart Hub will return - my experience is that the fix only lasts for around 12 to 18 hours use of the TV. Then you need to repeat
Have you tried plugging your usb drive directly into your router? As long as your tv is connected to the network it should pick it up and read it that way

I have tried a USB into my router,  I have also tried setting up a DLNS media server on my local network.  Both worked but only for a short while then exactly the same issue as with a usb direct connected.  The stationary wheel of death.   My conclusion is that the problem is with the operation of the smart hub functionality and NOT the USB connection itself,


My TV is now with Samsung who have agreed to "repair" it free of charge (thanks to the intervention of my retailer) and I await its return but I have no idea when that will be.


it worked thanks a lot :smiling-face: :smiling-face:

finally it working

thanks a lot

Since the TV / smart hub reset, mine is working 5 days now.,lets see if it stays that way.

Since the TV reset and hub didn't work for me I've gone back to turning the TV off at the mains,in fact I do it every night now so I don't have the USB problem

Anyone with direct link to samsung person to fix my tv. It wont read or load usb drives on all ports. But tv recognises device is connected. But wont load or open. My tv is is less than 2 years old. I hardly use it




read the posts on this forum for the last month.  All your questions answered.


Power the TV off at the wall socket, wait 10 minutes then power on - all should then be working, but unfortunatly the issues you have will return within a day.


Please tell us all how it went for you.



Can you give me the ceo email or number for call. Im done with their *****
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