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Samsung tv stopped reading usb drives

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I have a Samsung UE55NU7023 i was playing back content just fine today and after i ejected my usb stick and insterted after 10 minutes without doing anything that would cause trouble my tv stopped loading anything from the usb port. It kep loading the usb forever when i tried to access it. I tried multiple usb sticks and it did the same thing. But when i had a single folder with a video in one usb drive the tv prompted me as always to play the video without opening the files and it played the video just fine, but when i tried to access the files after that i couldn't. What is going on? The port clearly works, what should i do? 

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My Samsung TV MODEL CODE: UA32H4100 just stopped reading all USB drives


This is a complete LIE of an answer. Does not fix the problem, and is barely even releated. The rule of samsung is now "You can't unplug the tv whilst it's off, of you'll never be able to get USBs working again!"

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48 hours ago, mine suddenly stopped reading ANY usb drive. 99% of my usage with both of my Samsung tvs are with usb drives as I travel full time in an rv. 


I reset my tv twice back to factory to no avail...then, 30 mins later, it suddenly read the usb drive again. It also added it's own folder called "found000" or something like that. 


No idea what caused it to stop idea what caused it to start working again. :/

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Life saver. Worked like a charm, thank you very much. :)

I have exactly the same issue with my TWO Samsung TV's 


a UA40J6200 with sw T-HKMFUABC-1530.0   and a UA32K5500AWXXY  WITH SW T-HKMFKUABC-1241.5


And the problem with BOTH tv'S started at the same time!


I have tried USB sticks Samsung Branded and formated as NTFS, FAT32 and exFAT.  I have also tried other brands of USB.


Sometimes they work but most times not - the onscreen is the non spinning wheel of death!


I have performed a factory reset of BOTH TV's

Samsung support tell me they are BOTH running the latest software

I am advised by Samsung that the fix (ha ha) is to take BOTH on them to a service centre for possible mother board replacements 


Of course the USB s work just fine with my Win 10 PC AND with a suitable adaptor cable when connected to my Samsung S5 phone.


My current work around is to use an adaptor cable to connect the USB to my Samsung S5 phone, then use VLC on the phone to start the video then set the phone to Screen Mirror to the TV.


I expect if I was able to roll back to earlier sw versions the problem may be fixed.  Anyone know how to go back to earlier sw versions??





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What worked for you, Bucky?




Same issue for my 50MU6102.

All my USB sticks have issues all of a sudden after working for the past years. They also work in my older Samsung an LG TV's and in my computer and the same USB stick worked just last week just fine and I did no changes on it.


Now I need to unplug my TV wait a minute then plug it back in the power then turn it on then stick the USB in and then it works for 50% of the time at least cause it's not a full proof condition the next day you just might do the same things again to try and get it to work again.


What is happening Samsung ? all this in the 1280 Firmware update. Fix the USB recognizing or better said the menu of the USB stick is not accesable cause they see the stick plugged but you can't move around inside of it.


FIX is please Samsung it's surely a software issue.

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I think that fw can not be changed (downgrade) (maybe Samsung can do it), certainly for money.

Before I wrote my first post here, I tried to connect my USB flash drive with another cable, to another TV, to another PC, everywhere else it worked OK. Also, before installing the latest Samsung firmware there was no problem.

Indeed, with respect to the contributions of others, I incline to the variant that everything is a Samsung firmware problem. Perhaps Samsung will find the courage to admit a firmware error and fix it for FREE !!!
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A minute ago I just switched off my tv and now waiting for 1/2 hour to reset.
I hope this will solve the problem otherwise I really dont know what else I can do?
Is there any hope that Samsung will solve this problem???

Samsung QE55Q7F

Edit after TV reset: Yes it did work, thanks...


Look at the number of posts here in the last few days alone. Its obvious to see Samsung broke something in our TVs with one of the updates they pushed out. I was wondering why my TV wouldnt read anything from my windows 10 network drive or even from a USB stick, turns out I'm not the only one having this problem. Shame on you Samsung for advising people to go out and buy new motherboards and OneConnect Boxes when it's clear to see you're to blame here. I live in a shack and i saved up for a year to be able to buy this TV, this is literally the only luxury item I own and you still go and screw me over.

I'm utterly disgusted. 

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