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Samsung tv Smarthub updates frequently and turns on and off

(Topic created on: 03-10-2021 11:10 PM)
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I have Samsung smart tv UN55ES7150F. Most of the time I turn on the tv, I see this message smarthub update is complete. please run to update and it has two options 'run' and 'close'. If I select any of the options, tv turns on and off like every 2 minutes. I had a chat with samsung customer tv multiple times almost 1-2 hours everytime and all they do is reset my tv and it does not work. How can i fix this issue? I tried most of the options like removing power like for almost the entire night and on again, manual DNS 8888, turning off anynet+ etc.

I am connected to wired internet and do not need wireless but r one interesting aspect is if i remove wired and try to connect to wireless, I am unable to connect to wireless  internet because wireless search does not even show the networks. I tried manually adding and did not work. 


Hey @rr5 ,

I can see that you've got a US model TV.  With Samsung support being localised and this being a European forum (the English language part is supported by the Samsung UK & Ireland team, for example), we're limited in what we can do for you in terms of direct support.

 Have you been in touch with Samsung US about this issue, or shared it on the Samsung US Community (  to see if others in the US are reporting the same?