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Samsung TV screen mirroring incredibly low FPS

(Topic created on: 07-02-2021 05:49 PM)
First Poster

I use Mirror for Samsung TV to watch Twitch, since it's the only option to do so and moreover - to legit mirror my Mac's screen in general afaik, i haven't found anything else (at least what doesn't require you to pay like $20 on AppStore). My TV model is UE55MU6300, it doesn't support AirPlay unfortunately. All devices are connected to the same 5Ghz 802.11n wifi.

So far mirroring experience has been horrible: using "Colour LCD" source there's about 2-3 sec delay and it feels like 10 fps. Using a specific Mac app as source is even worse, the delay is almost 10 seconds and i can literally see frames changing. When i watch 1080p60 videos from my DLNA server, that stuff never happens and i get to enjoy each of the 60 fps that the videos have.

Is it something that you guys have experienced? I can't be the only person in the world who wants to mirror my screen? What do you guys use to mirror your screen from a non-Samsung device over wifi and how do you get any reasonable amount of fps when mirroring? How do you guys watch Twitch on Samsung TVs?