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Samsung TV QE49Q6FNA does not identify Sony HT FX9000 Sound bar

(Topic created on: 01-12-2020 09:08 AM)
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I have a problem since yesterday (after two years of flawless operations): My Sony Soundbar is not playing sound from my Samsung TV anymore. It does not show the soundbar as a Audio Output even if the soundbar is attached and connected (via HDMI 4 ARC on the TV and TV in on the Soundbar) and on.


The soundbar is working - it plays correctly sound from my phone via Bluetooth, but sending data from the TV is not working. However the HDMI connection between the Soundbar and the TV is ok (the On/Off test during setup works).


My configurations are:


TV: QE49Q6FNA (Firmware up to date: T-KTM2DEUC-1310.4

Sound Bar: Sony Soundbar HT FX9000 (Firmware is on 2.155)


I have not activated eARC but it similarily does not work with it enabled.


Any ideas?