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Samsung TV Q series HDMI connectivity issues

(Topic created on: 05-03-2021 02:34 PM)
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I bought recently a 65" Q80T model to replace my old TV.

I also use an AVR (receiver) SONY STR-DN1050 as main hub for all my devices, which means I have the cable TV decoder, PS3 and a laptop connected to the AVR,  and the AVR to the TV using the ARC port and to a projector using a standard HDMI output port. This set up allows me to choose between the TV or the projector pressing 1 button only.

The Q80T TV initially did not recognize this arrangement displaying "no devices connected to HDMI 3", its ARC port.

After 5 min, the TV decides to recognize the AVR and the devices connected to it, but it take 5 min to warm up. Not acceptable, as we all agree that once you want to use your TV, you expect it to be ready immediately.

I then tried to test the devices PS3, cable TV decoder and laptop connected to the TV and the TV to AVR with ARC port, just to see if they would work. They did it partially, but when use this set up, I loose the possibility for easy switch between TV and projector, but the TV had issues with two different laptops.

The issue with the laptops is that the image glitches or turns itself on and off very often.

I contacted Samsung helpline, they reset the TV to factory settings, then reinstalled the HDMI drives and the issues remained.

Samsung dispatched their local support to fix the TV, they replaced the TV main board, and the issue remained.

Then the technical support took the TV to their warehouse to fixed, they claimed they dissembled, reassembled and exhaustively tested the TV with different devices. But they did not tested with and AVR.

They informed me that the TV was fine and the issues were with my devices and I should contact technical support for them. On this case, I am very unlucky that my SONY AVR, my Dell laptop and my HP laptop all decided to have issues with this particular TV at the same time, despite them working fine with the other TV or the projector.

I can accept the argument that my AVR it not the latest model on the market in 2021 (it should not matter), but I did not get any assurance that the TV would work with an AVR at all.

So, I decided to make a test and took the Dell laptop (easier to carry than an AVR) to the store where I bought the TV. We tested it with another Q80T, a Q77T and a Q70T models, they all showed the same problem with image turning itself on-off or glitching, we used a new HDMI 2.1 compatible cable to make sure that wasn't a cable's fault.

We tried on different TV brands, from basic to high-end models, including the OLED TVs, they all worked fine.

Then we tried with a Samsung Crystal series and to our surprise, it also worked fine.

As the manager at the store agreed with me, that there is an issue with those Q series, I changed my TV to a different brand.

Does anyone else had issues with connectivity HDMI issues with Samsung TVs and AVR or laptops?

Samsung, I have made a video showing this issue and I can share with you. How do you plan to fix this issue on the Q series?

As the main board was replaced, the issue might be with the TV software

 I hope to hear from you!