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Samsung TV KS8000 Random Switch on

(Topic created on: 19-08-2019 01:55 PM)

Hi - My KS8000 is 30 months old.  From the start is has been afflicted by difficulties connecting to a Samsung soundbar (K551) requiring a workaound each time (say 2 out of 10) that this happens.  Now for the last 10 days the TV has randomly started to turn itself on, sometimes three times in a day.  This is a signficant risk as it could result in the TV being left turned on for hours when no-one is in the house.  Sometimes the switch on is to the TV Plus source (quite often to channnel 4000 (which I have never used) but sometimes to a local freeview channel.  On other occastions the switch on is to a HDMI source... but the HDMI source (say my SkyQ box) is not powered on.  I have checked that the Broadcast autotune feature is turned off (and also that the "turn on to check for auto tune changes" is not activated) .  There are no timers set; I have turned off eco settings etc etc.  I can only think this is as a result of a recent software upgrade.  Any thoughts as I am about to consign this set to the junk yard.  Its a pity - I love the picture; yes the sound connection is an issue but can be worked around; but the random switch on's are dangerous and cannot be tollerated.