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Samsung TV JS8500 defective display

(Topic created on: 05-07-2021 03:56 PM)


I have created this post to explain the defects that I have recently noticed in my Samsung UE48JS8500 TV. I must say that the goal of this post is not to search for a solution to my problem (I think there is none), but to show other potential buyers what they might be facing when purchasing a high-end Samsung TV (~2000 euros) with high specs of brightness and luminosity.

My TV is only 5 years old and, as you can see in the attached pictures, the picture quality is quite poor due to the degradation of the display. In my opinion, this is caused by a combination of overdriving the backlight LEDs and deficient cooling, just to achieve the levels of brightness that Samsung claims to provide.

Since the TV is out-of-warranty, Samsung just redirects me to the local technical service, whose solution is to change the display at a cost of 700 euros. This, of course, sounds to me like a joke, taking into account that the TV had a price of around 2000 euros, and it was bought specifically to get the best possible picture quality. Comparing to what I have seen so far, the burn-in issues of OLED TVs are negligible, and this is the technology (or an equivalent one) that I will probably consider in the future when changing my current TV.

I hope my experience is useful for someone.


This is the explanation for all the defects that I have noticed in my TV:

1.- There is a group of pixels on the left side of the TV that turn off slowly from the moment the TV is turned on. This issue can be seen after using the TV for 30 minutes approximately, and the problem increases to a maximum until the TV is turned off for a prolonged period. These are not dead pixels since the issues come and goes. In my opinion, the root cause is the backlight LEDs overheating on that side. See Image-1 and Image-4.

2.- Around ¼ of the screen (top left corner) is much darker like burnt. I am not referring to image retention but literally burnt. See Images-2 and Image-4.

3.- Small areas of the screen close to the left border are much brighter than the rest of the display. See Image-3.

4.- The TV has a backlight bleed on both sides. See Image-3 and Image-4.



First Poster

I have the same problem! 


I'm sorry to hear that. In my experience, Samsung will not do anything (only offer you "discounts" on their online shop for TVs that you can find in other shops for a cheaper price).

I would recommend you to put the TV one of its ECO modes to lower the brightness and extend a bit the life of the screen. Once you decide to change the TV I would suggest to go for an LG OLED, I have one now and I'm happy with it.

I don't trust Samsung anymore. When I see the advertisements of their new TVs with more brightness and so on I only think about the overheating of the display and its short lifespan


Es a principio un sobrecalentamiento del panel lgp. Al no disipar muy bien el calor disporsiana temporalmente al display más  importante  creando derrames de despixwlacion en color negro en los bordes. Posible solución  buscar un panel lgp nuevo o de tecnologia nueva. Buscar bajar la luminosidad led  y quitar la funcion led inteligente mientras baja densidad de calor "implica ver tv en modo brillo bajo u opaco" 



@Celsonico Hi!

We will put a translation below to help other users understand your reply-

'It is initially an overheating of the lgp panel. By not dissipating heat very well, it temporarily disrupts the most important display, creating black blurring spills on the edges. Possible solution is to look for a new LGP panel or new technology. Seeking to lower the LED brightness and remove the smart LED function while lowering heat density "involves watching TV in low or opaque brightness mode".'