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Samsung TV and Huawei Mobile

(Topic created on: 02-05-2023 06:19 PM)
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I have a Samsung TV model UE60H6200AK and my mobile phone is a Huawei Mate 10 Pro. The mobile has a screen projection feature which I use to mirror to various TV's. I have no problem whatsoever doing this except with my Samsung. Initially the app found my TV and I had an onscreen message on the TV to accept connection. My mobile screen then appeared but I realised that my wifi connection on my mobile had been automatically switched off which does not happen any other time. When I retried my mobile scanned for devices and found my TV. I pressed connect and had this messsage : "Your wifi connection will temporarily disconnect whilst you are connected to your TV "Accept/Decline". I press 'accept' and after a while it says "Connection failed 'Retry/Cancel'. The only way I can then reconnect my mobile is to go into the Screen Mirroring menu and select devices. This shows my Huawei Mobile and I select it and choose 'delete'. Then I retry screen projection and once again I get the TV asking for permission to connect and then my mobile sceen appears but my wifi has been turned off. The infuriating thing is that the mobile app works with all other TV's except my Samsung. Is there something in the TV settings I need to change ?. I am beginning to suspect it is simply a conflict between the two brands and although I can 'project' my mobile screen to the TV I have to sacrifice my wifi connection while doing so. I am baffled. If anyone else has encountered such a problem and solved it then please advise me. Many thanks for reading. P.S. I am 100% certain that my mobile and TV are connected to the same wifi network