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Samsung TU7000 HDR Dim/gray problem on ps4

(Topic created on: 03-11-2020 05:22 PM)
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hello. I recently bought Samsung tu7000 crystal UHD 4k tv . I only using the tv for playing games and watching things on my playstation 4. but I have a problem with poggy/greyish vision in dark areas in games when hdr is open. at the moment i am playing Assasins creed: Odyssey and forrest at night, caves or any dark areas looks very dull/foggy and not dark realisticly. i noticed this in other games as well. I selected RGB option on ps4 as "Full" it slightly made it better than "limited" and "HDMI Black level" setting on tv to "Normal" but problem still not solved. When i change black level normal to low , it made better but i guess it makes much more darker than it should be. when i made a  gray test for tv, i wasnt able to see many tones of gray with that option. i also noticed in Assasins creed that when i open the HDR option in the game , these dark/gray areas were flicking but i dont know if it is because of the game or tv.  So i really don't know what settings i should do. should i change the brightness/gamme and contrast from standart? or change contrast enchancer low to off ? or should i play games with "dynamic" picture mode ?