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Samsung The Frame 55" must have a tv-signal??

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Just bought the last version of the 55" The Frame and so far I'm quite happy with it EXCEPT it demands a TV source like an antenna cabel or IP-TV or something...!


I bought this "smart TV" to be used as 1. a digital poster on the wall and 2. to stream stuff from internet (Netflix, Youtube etc). I did not buy this to be used as a traditional TV (my other TV is in another room with a IP-TV connection).

The problem is that this "smart" TV asks for a TV-source as soon as I turn it on and then an ugly picture turns on the screen and asks for a TV-source and I have to click it away because I don't have another IP-TV box... This means I can't have it automaticle turned on (time or location driven)  whith a nice picture (photo or painting) because as soon as it turns on the bloody demand for a TV-source turns up and will be there until I click it away...!!!


Before I get too angry of this stupidness I want to check if it happens to be anyway I can come around this without connecting a TV-source to it?

And yes I know it happens to be a TV but year 2018/19 it should not be a forced  fixed deafult setting to have a TV-source to a modern "SMART TV". However this reminds me of when my iPhone broke and I bought the first generation Samsung Edge phone and I had to experience lots of stupidness before a new iPhone got released and I could swich back...


Thankful for all help I can get 😕

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Not near my TV and relatively new, but I will respond quickly to you that my own Frame comes on in the last mode that it was in, i.e. if it was in Frame/Art mode then it comes On in that mode. But someone else will have to tell you HOW if you can't get this to work yourself.


EDIT: When not in Art mode, I believe the set will default to the first icon in your Home list of apps. For example, my first icon is DirecTV, so when not in Art mode the TV wants me to turn on my DTV tuner. I believe that if you want e.g. Netflix to be preferred, then you down-arrow in your Home row and Move or Remove apps there until you have Netflix in the #1 spot.


Under "Settings>General>Smart features" turno on "Remember the last active app" (or something like that, as my Settings are not in English). This should solve it.

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