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Samsung Tech Botched Help

(Topic created on: 01-05-2021 03:22 PM)
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THREE hours texting with Samsung help.

Among suggestions were taking other wifi supported  machines off  and leaving just tv on..or something like that. I had no f**ing idea what he wanted me to do but my experience is when stuff goes off, I have major problems getting it back.

But he was willing to dump that on me, making a huge leap of faith thinking I’m tech savvy.

I lost patience when his suggestions started to repeat themselves at the 3 hour30 minute mark. He told me I was “ all set” and I just had to sign up again for every effing program all over again.

Surprise! I go to watch on another smart tv in a different room and NOTHING is working!

This morning I noticed the regular cable box on the Samsung doesn’t work, either.

I just want to know who I flip out on...


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Hi  @Peterr2 , that was a long time with Samsung Support.   However from your post  the problem you were experiencing is not quite clear.  Was it an general issue with the Tv, wifi or apps?   Though I am  assuming that you may have performed a factory reset.     If your cable Box is now not working  then it will need to be reset,which system do you have?

It would help if your named the models,  I could check if there are any recent firmware updates.   We just need a bit more specific information.

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