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Samsung Smart TV stopped connecting to internet (wifi and Ethernet)




I am trying to fix my parents Samsung TV F6500 which has stopped connecting to Internet since a few weeks. Here is my diagnosis: The TV won't connect to Internet using wifi or Ethernet throught their usual provider. When I use my 4G phone as an access point, the TV connects normally.


These are the solutions I have already tried and that didn't work:

- Reseting the ISP's router + changing it's IP adress

- Factory reset of the Samsung TV (using the Auto-diag menu and the secret menu that you access pressing different buttons on the remote)

- Changing DNS to or

- Updating the firmware

- Calling the ISP's hotline


My questions are :

- Is it possible to do a factory reset that includes the Network connections?

- Has anybody had the exact same issue as my parents?

- Even after the factory reset, the TV continues to say that the firmware is up to date, is it possible to remove the updated firmware?


I am out of options and the Smart Hub is now useless. Any help would be greatly appreciated!




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hi to all,

my 2tvs ate finally back after a week of “internet outage”. it was resolved saturday morning by resetting the smart hub feature again. last week,  i feedback my case details to the call center agent which was then escalated to the head office. They said/observed that all recent claims are coming from same ISP provider, this seems to tally as i reported that my units can connect using my mobile phone/different ISP as an access point/hotspot which is a different wifi network. i guess they did something at samsung side as the latest resetting works which it was not able to do last week with the same smart hub resetting procedure.

i hope this might resolve your cases as well.

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We just faced the exact same issue, our TV was connecting fine and suddenly any type of connection stopped working. WiFi or wired connection didn't work, even though other devices could connect, and it was possible to connect the TV to our cellphones. 

We tried the DNS trick, updating the software and nothing worked.

After a lot of tests, we concluded that our router blocking the TV, so we connected to the router, added the TV's MAC address and assigned an IP address. Then when connecting from the TV we manually set the IP address, the subnet mask and the default gateway and it worked.

Hope this can help!



Facing the same problem. Could you please breakdown the steps to do this? Do you mean you connected a wire from the tv to the router?


hi @aidaE...pls try switching ISP

1. wifi network change from your ISP router to your mobilephone wifi by hotspot

2. confirm network connection and try youtube or netflix

3. after several minutes return to your original wifi router network

4. confirm network connection and try again to reset smarthub

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Well I tell u something is only a bandaid since first week I've been thru this problem, it can find my own network sometimes I have to buy alternative option ps4, roku, fire tv if I want to see one movie or show without interruption, I've been calling Samsung but I give up to reset smart hub, changing ip 8844 turn off the tv for two minutes I've trying everything I called  comcast, but they explained so clearly if another product works fine with the same internet why Samsung not, at the end I think the mini conecter is defective and they should exchange period, the last joke was I have to pay 90 Dollars to they come to my home to take a look... 

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This should work. Plug your tv into a wired internet connection, (i had to unplug my tv and move it over near my computer to do this). Turn your tv on, press the menu button (bottom right hand button on my remote) and go down to network and scroll accross to network settings.  Naviate until you can choose wired (instead of wireless). if your tv accepts that go on to netflix or similiar and watch a program for 5 or 10 minutes. Then turn your tv off and move back to where it was (in my case back into my tv cabinet), turn tv back on. follow these instructions again this time select wireless (instead of wired) and you should be able to select your wireless network and your back in business. 


Hi all 


I've been experiencing the same lack of internet issue since July 2018.


After reading the various responses  I contacted Samsung support who advised I upgrade my Tv's firmware. This didn't resolve the problem.

I then tried using mobile phone as a hot spot and the internet connection  started working again. I reverted to my home network and the internet connection failed with a DNS error.


I manually entered a public DNS address of and this has fixed the issue.

My TV is now working properly again with full internet access.



That worked a charm. My virgin media guy didn't have a clue.
What you have to do is
Network settings
Change get IP settings automatically to get manually
Make a note of the existing IP,DNS Subnet settings and enter manually then enter the digits Carl added.

I have the same issue but will work with ethernet. There is all kids of complaints over the internet abut the update that caused wifi to stop finding signals. I have rest, changed DNS settings, even changed the wifi card with a new one since Samdung will not admit their mistake. The update did something that they will not admit to nor will warranty. My TV is 13 months old and "needs to be taken to repair center" without warranty of course. Good luck!! Remember this when you buy the next tv.


Hi... I have the same problem with my 2 the same TVs. Yesterday everything was ok... but today there is no internet connection to both of them (wi-fi and wire). I was working all  morning to try fix the problem following clues from previous posts... but without results. Have anyone idea what is happened. Did Samsung give us an extra free ban to internet connection with last smarthub upgrade?

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