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Samsung Smart TV stopped connecting to internet (wifi and Ethernet)




I am trying to fix my parents Samsung TV F6500 which has stopped connecting to Internet since a few weeks. Here is my diagnosis: The TV won't connect to Internet using wifi or Ethernet throught their usual provider. When I use my 4G phone as an access point, the TV connects normally.


These are the solutions I have already tried and that didn't work:

- Reseting the ISP's router + changing it's IP adress

- Factory reset of the Samsung TV (using the Auto-diag menu and the secret menu that you access pressing different buttons on the remote)

- Changing DNS to or

- Updating the firmware

- Calling the ISP's hotline


My questions are :

- Is it possible to do a factory reset that includes the Network connections?

- Has anybody had the exact same issue as my parents?

- Even after the factory reset, the TV continues to say that the firmware is up to date, is it possible to remove the updated firmware?


I am out of options and the Smart Hub is now useless. Any help would be greatly appreciated!




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it is very easy to check if it’s a tv problem or service provider.  Turn off your modem router and WiFi on your phone.   Using cell phone LTE service turn on personal hot spot.  Try connecting TV to the hotspot.   If it works you know it’s not the TV fault.  That was the case for me.  

I've tried many different "fixes" to try and resolve the problem. Came across a trhead that suggested holding down the power button on the remote unit the TV reboots. Tried it and it worked. TV has been connected since without issue.

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Thanks... I tried it and it didn’t help.  Did you hold the remote power button down until the tv rebooted?  

Yes. Hold down the power button until it starts to reboot. After reboot you will have to go through the setup to reconnect to your wifi. Hope it works for you.

This works as a quick fix but there's still a problem if it keeps dropping out. Good enough for now though, thanks all!



 Well I finally got my TV to connect to the Internet and we will see how long it will take to disconnect and it took me an hour and a half to do that so I have not got any hopes that is going to stay connected if it doesn’t stay connected I’m going to shoot it and if that don’t work put it in the dump and get a new one but not Samsung 

 PS don’t ask me how I Have done it because I can’t remember  it was phone TV phone TV Google Samsung God it went into everything and I just can’t bloody remember how to do it sorry chaps you’re all on your own 

The only thing that works for me when my Samsung TV doesn't want to cpnnect to the internet is to completely cut the power from it by unplugging the power cable from the back. So frustrating, but it's a quick fix. It maybe the network issue and try some of these other solutions as I have a bunch of Google minis, Google home, Chromecast, on my network.

Thanks for your reply!  This fix is the only one that has worked for me also.

I wish I would have researched this tv more because I have this problem (along with the world so it appears) and I spend an hour doing almost everything possible (unplug, reset, manual input, unplug everything, watch tv, take a break, go back) and many ideas work but by then I can’t rememeber what I did. Well today I stumbled upon this (after an hour) and wtf pressing power appeared to have worked It said connected as soon as it powered on. Now it’s connected to tv, router but not network. This tv is nuts. If I had money to blow I’d do away with it. I’ve o my had it 8 months and had this problem at least every 60 days. 

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