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Samsung Smart TV says Youtube will no longer be availabe fron 30Th June. WHY?


Samsung Smart TV says Youtube will no longer be availabe fron 30Th June. WHY?

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Or maybe  buy another tv  brand.


This is indeed not a good thing that within 4 years of purchse a major functionality of a TV is lost. SAMSUNG needs to rethink their policies or they will lose customers. If YOUTUBE is no longer available on my 'SMART' (?) TV on 1st July I shall be circulating this info on all my social networks - and I would recommend all others to do the same.


However, on a different note, we could try to access YOUTUBE videos by searching the browser app. Hopefully that route will continue to work.

So your saying that samsung is intentionally allowing an update that will intentionally break a service that was once a main feature? Whats next a firmware update that will turn your tv off after 5 minutes so you have to buy a new one? 


Wont be buying an expensive  smart TV again if this is how you treat customers..

Hi all.


Just to clarify the situation (with a quick reword of what KellyM said before): the app developer (i.e. Google) is making a necessary update to their app's software, and that update is not compatible with TVs older than the 2013 models.


I see your reply. However, if the app provider (YouTube) is updating their application, can't Samsung update your software to accomodate this update?

I wouldn't think this would be beyond Samsung's capability. Or are you just trying to make us buy new SmartTVs? (We have two additional Smart TVs, but our largest one is the affected model).

I can stream with our AppleTV, but this lack of support from Samsung is disheartening. We use the YouTube app on this television quite a bit. 

Smart TV not so "smart" anymore?

I agree with the other comment.  It is ridiculous that if our tvs are a couple years old, software is not updated to adapt to apps.   I am furious that I samsung is not making sure that the youtube app will still be functioning on their tvs.   Honestly, I have been loyal to the samsung brand with other electronics besides my television and always recommended it to others. I am now rethinking my poor decision to stick with samsung.   I would like to see samsung address this issue before the 6/30 deadline.   

No, it's not beacuse of Google. They're just developing their appilcation, which you can not say about Samsung. You not even try to run brand new softwares on a windows XP machine. I expecting a TV which I bought for long term (10+ years) usage, to follow innovations. I can accept that I wouldn't have new features or apps, but I expect that apps that have run when I bought the TV can be used during the whole lifecycle of the TV...

@SubhashB wrote:

I have a AU40ES6200 SMART HD TV purchased in 2012. It started giving the same message recently. After checking for solutions on the net (there were none) I decided to check updates to firmware. For this get out of SMART mode (this is important otherwise the UPDATE option will be 'grey' and unusable) and on the remote control press MENU > SUPPORT >UPDATE. This will give you the option of updating through USB or directly from the net. I chose the latter and it took about 2 minutes for the download indicator bar to reach 100%. The update installation took another 30 seconds .... and VOILA, the offending YouTube message was gone! Pretty simple but not explained anywhere on the net. Hope this works for you too. :smileyhappy:

The TV firmware update cleared the message for me, thanks for the advice.

Updating the software when in or out of SMART mode does not work for me as suggested.  When I do this, my tv says all my software is up to date, no updates available.   So this is not a solution.

Has anyone been contacting Samsung directly to address this issue or are we all just complaining in this black hole of a message board?

And why can Samsung not update their software to be compatible with the app update?  
Honestly, this is ridiculous.   

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